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The following policies are specific to the Nerf Wiki forums. All standard User and Wiki policies still apply.

If posts or threads break any rules listed here or elsewhere, be sure to report the post, so a staff member can take care of it.

Respect other users

Everyone has different opinions and thoughts on certain subjects. Please avoid purposefully antagonizing other users, and agree to disagree, rather than inflating an argument to a fight.

Spam is discouraged

"Spam" refers to a post or thread that is unnecessary and pointless, and/or clogs up communication. This can include a post that is three words or shorter, has nothing to do with the thread topic, is meant to encourage topic or post upvoting, or is flooding the topic listing.

Spam can be avoided by editing your post, rather than making a second post below it to add onto the conversation. This avoids multiple posts in a row from one person, which can be rather spammy as well.

The overuse of creating threads and polls may also be considered spam, depending on the severity of the situation. If at all possible, please create one thread to contain multiple questions about one topic, rather than creating multiple threads about it.

Stay on topic

Do not hijack threads and change the topic at hand, unless the author of the thread is okay with this. (Even then, please consider creating a new topic instead, rather than changing an existing topic.) A few posts saying things on the side is fine, and will often happen in threads, but the bulk of conversation taking place in a thread should pertain to that topic.

Similarly, make sure that threads are created in the right category. Check the list of forum categories found here for a description of each category to decide where best something should go.