Nerf Super Soaker is the unofficial name for a series of Nerf Super Soakers that began in 2011.


This series is designed and packaged to be very similar to the modern Nerf dart blaster series, by featuring tactical rails on most blasters and a variety of new accessories. This is the first series to be officially released under the Nerf name, whereas previous series were regarded as "from the makers of Nerf".

This series features a dark-blue and white color scheme for most of the blasters within it.


The oldest blaster in the series is the XP-215, initially released in 2001.

Two sub-series exist within the Nerf Super Soaker series: the Storm Series and Super Soaker X-TREME.

Nerf Super Soaker products

Super Soakers

Name Year
Arcticshock Arctic Shock 2011
Bottleblitz Bottle Blitz 2011
Supersoakerhydrocannon Hydro Cannon 2011
HydroFury Hydro Fury 2011
Unknown Max-D 3000 2011
Unknown Max-D 6000 2011
PointBreak Point Break 2011
Rattler2011 Rattler 2011
Scatterblast Scatter Blast 2011
2011ShotBlast Shot Blast 2011
IMG 0746 Splash Fire 2011
Tornafdowf Tornado Strike 2011
2011XP215 XP-215 2011
Microburst Microburst 2012
Flash Blast Flash Blast 2013
Shotwave Shotwave 2013
Alphafire Alphafire 2014
BarrageOriginal Barrage 2014
DoubleDrenchOriginal Double Drench 2014
FreezefireOriginal Freezefire 2014
TidalTubeOrange Tidal Tube 2014
TriStrikeCrossbowOriginal Tri Strike Crossbow 2014
Zipfire Zipfire 2014
FlashFloodNerf FlashFlood 2015
FloodFire FloodFire 2015
MicroburstII Microburst 2 2015
TidalTorpedo Tidal Torpedo 2-In-1 2015
Washout Washout 2015
BottleBlitz2016 Bottle Blitz 2016
BreachBlast Breach Blast 2016
Scatterstrike Scatterstrike 2016
TidalTorpedoBow Tidal Torpedo Bow 2016
Dartfire DartFire 2017
Floodinator Floodinator 2017
Freezefire2 FreezeFire 2.0 2017
Hoverflood HoverFlood 2017
TRUP9242340001 CF0001 Soakzooka 2018
HSE0021lg Splash Mouth 2018
HSE0024lg Twin Tide 2018

Product sets

Name Year
BottleBlitz8 Bottle Blitz 3-Pack 2011
HydroCannon2Pack Hydro Cannon 2-Pack 2011
MaxD3000-2011 Max-D 3000 2-Pack 2011
ScatterBlast2Pack Scatter Blast 2-Pack 2011
TidalTubePackaging Tidal Tube 2-Pack 2014
Alphafire2-PackBox Alphafire 2-Pack 2015
Alphafire3-PackBox Alphafire 3-Pack 2015
Zipfire3-PackBox Zipfire 3-Pack 2015
BreachBlastTwoPack Breach Blast 2-Pack 2016
ScatterstrikeTwoPack Scatterstrike 2-Pack 2016
MicroburstFourPack Microburst 4-Pack ?
ShotwaveTwoPack Shotwave 2-Pack ?
Image Zipfire 2-Pack ?


Name Year
Nerf-super-soaker-clip-refi Water clip 2011
Assaultbunker Assault Bunker 2012
Battleshield Battle Shield 2012
SuperSoakerBooster Booster 2012
Splashmat Pool Splash Mat 2012
ShowEnhanced('0','12737356') Rocket Dart Refill Pack 2012
SoakerBolt Soaker Bolt 2012
SoakerBurstWhiteAndOrange Soaker Burst 2012
Domination drum hasbro Domination Drum 2013
SwimMask Soaker Mask ?



Main article: H20ps

The H20ps sub-series features proper air-powered soakers with separate firing triggers and pumping apparatuses.

Storm Series

Main article: Storm Series

The Storm Series sub-series features "PowerSoak Technology" and battery operated soakers (all of which feature the word "storm" in their names).

Super Soaker X-TREME

Main article: Super Soaker X-TREME

The Super Soaker X-TREME sub-series features soakers that are advertised as being able to carry and fire icy cold water.

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