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Not to be confused with the 2011 series of Nerf Super Soakers.

Nerf Super Soaker is the unofficial name for a series of Nerf-branded Super Soakers that began in 2014.


The Nerf Super Soaker series features sleeker and less tactical soakers, compared to the previous 2011 series or standard Nerf dart blasters.


This is the second series to be officially released under the Nerf name, as the first was the unnamed 2011 series.

2020 saw the release of the XP20, XP30, and XP100, harkening back to classic Super Soakers in design and function. This was previously seen with the H20ps sub-series, but not directly within the Nerf Super Soaker parent series.

Nerf Super Soaker products

Super Soakers

Name Year
Alphafire.jpg Alphafire 2014
BarrageOriginal.jpg Barrage 2014
DoubleDrenchOriginal.jpg Double Drench 2014
Flash bang.png Flash Blast 2014
FreezefireOriginal.jpg Freezefire 2014
Miniburst.png Microburst 2014
Scattered.jpg Scatter Blast 2014
Shockwave.png Shotwave 2014
TidalTubeOrange.jpg Tidal Tube 2014
TriStrikeCrossbowOriginal.jpg Tri Strike Crossbow 2014
Zipfire.jpg Zipfire 2014
FlashFloodNerf.jpg FlashFlood 2015
FloodFire.jpg FloodFire 2015
MicroburstII.jpg Microburst 2 2015
TidalTorpedo.jpg Tidal Torpedo 2-In-1 2015
Washout.jpg Washout 2015
BottleBlitz2016.jpg Bottle Blitz 2016
BreachBlast.jpg Breach Blast 2016
ScatterStrike.jpg ScatterStrike 2016
TidalTorpedoBow.jpg Tidal Torpedo Bow 2016
Dartfire.jpg DartFire 2017
Floodinator.jpg Floodinator 2017
Freezefire2.jpg FreezeFire 2.0 2017
Hoverflood.jpg HoverFlood 2017
Soakzooka.jpg Soakzooka 2018
SplashMouth.jpg Splash Mouth 2018
TwinTide.jpg Twin Tide 2018
Barracuda.jpg Barracuda 2019
Hydra.jpg Hydra 2019
Piranha.jpg Piranha 2019
E6286 Nerf Super Soaker XP20.jpg XP20 2020
E6289 Nerf Super Soaker XP30.jpg XP30 2020
E6285 Nerf Super Soaker XP100.jpg XP100 2020
XP20-AP.jpg XP20-AP 2021
XP30-AP.jpg XP30-AP 2021
XP50-AP.jpg XP50-AP 2021

Product sets

Name Year
TidalTubePackaging.png Tidal Tube 2-Pack 2014
Alphafire2-PackBox.jpg Alphafire 2-Pack 2015
Alphafire3-PackBox.jpg Alphafire 3-Pack 2015
Zipfire3-PackBox.jpg Zipfire 3-Pack 2015
BreachBlastTwoPack.jpg Breach Blast 2-Pack 2016
ScatterstrikeTwoPack.jpg ScatterStrike 2-Pack 2016
Unknown.jpg Floodtastic 4-Pack 2019
ShotwaveTwoPack.JPG Shotwave 2-Pack ?
Zipfire2Pack.jpeg Zipfire 2-Pack ?



Main article: H20ps

The H20ps sub-series features proper air-powered soakers with separate firing triggers and pumping apparatuses.

Storm Series

Main article: Storm Series

The Storm Series sub-series features "PowerSoak Technology" and battery operated soakers (all of which feature the word "storm" in their names).

Super Soaker X-TREME

Main article: Super Soaker X-TREME

The Super Soaker X-TREME sub-series features soakers designed to fire icy-cold water, through the use of loading ice cubes into blasters via accessories like the Ice Drum.


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