Nerf Sports is a series of Nerf products focused on sport play.


While not as popular as Nerf blasters, Nerf Sports consists of balls and equipment for people to play sports with. Common products released under the Nerf Sports series are footballs and basketball hoops. Many Nerf Sports objects are designed to cope with any amount of rainfall there may be, making them popular among people who play street sports.

There exists a sub-series of Nerf Sports called Firevision Sports which focuses on products that can be used both in daytime and nighttime.


The series dates back to the early years of the Nerf brand itself. The majority of the early Nerf toys were Nerf Sports products (or retroactively added into the Nerf Sports line), among them being the Football (1972) and the Nerfoop (1972).

The line spawned several sub-series, among them being Nick & Nerf (1995 to 1996), Head 2 Head (1996 to 1997), and most recently, Firevision Sports (2012 present). The line went on a brief hiatus in 2004, when all Nerf Sports products were rebranded under the Pro Shop or Street Zone lines depending on the product. Later Nerf Sports products were not under these lines.

Nerf Sports products

Baseball products

Name Year
Baseball Curve Pitch Baseball 2009
Nerf Curve Pitch Baseball Set Curve Pitch Baseball Set 2009

Basketball products

Name Year
Nerfoop Nerfoop 1972
VinceCarterElectronicBasketballChallenge Vince Carter Electronic Basketball Challenge 2002
CyberHoop Cyber Hoop 2013

Football products

Name Year
Football1972 Football 1972
TurboCrushers Turbo Crushers Football 1994
TurboSpike Turbo Spike Football 1996
AAAADIYV5KgAAAAAATF1CQ Flag Football 1998/2010
StreetZoneBall Street Zone Football 2002
Miniprogrip Pro Grip Mini Football 2004
ImagesCAFDEY4H Classic Football ?
Pocketvortex Pocket Aero Flyer ?
51F5qyQnFGL Turbo Jr. Football ?
M215196448 Mega Aero Howler ?
Nerf-weather-blitz-football Weather Blitz Football ?
HNR62040Alg Weather Blitz Football Jr. ?
51c-5dNFFpL Weather Blitz XL Football ?

Disc-throwing products

Name Year
Boomerang Boomerang 1983
UnidentifiedFloppyObject Unidentified Floppy Object 1987
TurboScreamerFlyingDisk Turbo Screamer Flying Disk 1992
SonicHowlerFlyingDisc Sonic Howler Flying Disc ?
WEATHER BLITZ Flyer Weather Blitz Flyer ?

Miscellaneous products

Name Year
PingPongBox1982 Ping Pong 1982
Nerftablehockey Table Hockey set 1987
4SquarePingPong 4-Square Ping Pong 1996
Cosmic-Keepaway-fb Cosmic Keep Away 2007
Npelican-wii-nerf-sports-pack-20071012043852106-000 Nerf Sports Pack 2008
BashBall-Silver Bash Ball 2013
Unknown Playmak3rs 2019
AUTOIMAGES HNR26306lg Mini Sports Pack ?
ProFoamSoccerBall Pro Foam Soccer Ball ?


Firevision Sports

Main article: Firevision Sports

The Firevision Sports sub-series features products made with special reflective materials that will appear to glow a "team color" (red or green) when a player is wearing special Firevision Sports Frames. The sub-series is advertised as being suitable for both day and night play.

Nick & Nerf

Main article: Nick & Nerf

The Nick & Nerf sub-series featured products with a "wacky" spin on their original counterpart. As the name suggests, the sub-series was co-developed with Nickelodeon.


  • The Nerf Sports series is the longest running Nerf series. It predates the Original Nerf line of blasters by almost twenty years.