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Nerf Sports is a series of Nerf products focused on sport play.


The Nerf Sports series consists of various sports-themed products, ranging from simple balls to product sets with intended play rules. While most products are soft and easy to throw, certain products offer a more "professional" feel and size to them. Most products are also designed for play in any weather, and can endure rough use.


Initially, the Nerf brand was focused solely on sports products, with the Nerf Ball releasing in 1969, and the initial versions of the Football and Nerfoop in 1972. These products were not branded as Nerf Sports releases, however, as the name "Nerf Sports" would first be used in the late 80s, with the Fencing set, Turbo Football, and Turbo Screamer Football.

The logo saw sporadic use throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, with some series cropping up in its place, such as Head 2 Head. The Nerf Sports series would go on a brief hiatus beginning in 2004, when many products were rebranded under the Pro Shop or Street Zone series. These releases would later be re-released back under the Nerf Sports series.

Nerf Sports products

Baseball products

Name Year released
RemoteControlPitchingMachine box.jpg Remote Control Pitching Machine 1997
CurvePitchBaseballPack.jpg Curve Pitch Baseball 2009
Nerf Curve Pitch Baseball Set.jpg Curve Pitch Baseball Set 2009
BaseballChallengeSet.jpg Challenge Baseball Set 2009

Basketball products

Name Year released
Big bad backboard.jpg Big Bad Backboard 1995
NerfoopLightJammer.jpg Nerfoop Light Jammer 1996
ShotClock1997.jpg Electronic Shot Clock Basketball 1997
CyberHoop.jpg Cyber Hoop 2013
3PointShootout.jpg NBA 3-Point Shootout Nerfoop ?
Nerfoop.jpg Nerfoop ?
ProHoop.png Nerfoop Pro ?
ProBounceBasketball.jpeg Pro Bounce Basketball ?
Wall2Wall NerfSports.jpg Wall 2 Wall Basketball ?

Disc-throwing products

Name Year released
TurboScreamerFlyingDisk.jpg Turbo Screamer Flying Disk 1992
SonicHowlerFlyingDisc.png Sonic Howler Flying Disc ?
TurboTwister.jpg Turbo Twister ?
WEATHER BLITZ Flyer.jpg Weather Blitz Flyer ?

Football products

Name Year released
TurboFootball NerfSportsbox.jpg Turbo Football 1989
TurboScreamerFootballBox.jpg Turbo Screamer Football 1989
TurboGripFootball.png Turbo Grip Football 1994
TurboSpike.JPG Turbo Spike Football 1996
FlagFootballBox1.JPG Flag Football 2010
ClassicFootball Colts.jpg Classic Football ?
AeroHowler orange.jpg Mega Aero Howler Football ?
Pocketvortex.jpg Pocket Aero Flyer Football ?
TurboCrushers.png Turbo Crushers Football ?
TurboJrFootballRedYellow.JPG Turbo Jr. Football ?
Nerf-weather-blitz-football.jpg Weather Blitz Football ?

Miscellaneous products

Name Year released
4SquarePingPong.png 4-Square Ping Pong 1996
RollerSkates box.jpg Roller Skates 1996
BashBall-Silver.png Bash Ball 2013
HockeySet.png Hockey Set 2017
Putt&Go.png Putt & Go Golf Set 2017
TennisSportsSet.png Tennis Set 2017
Nerf Vortex Accelerator.jpg Vortex Howler Accelerator 2018
Playmak3rs.jpg Playmak3rs 2019
Fencing1991.JPG Fencing ?
NerfSportsActionBundle.jpg Nerf Sports Action Pack ?
ProFoamSoccerBall.jpg Pro Foam Soccer Ball ?


Dude Perfect

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The Dude Perfect sub-series features products themed around the Dude Perfect entertainment group and their various "trick shot" stunts.

Pro Nerf

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The Pro Nerf sub-series features products with a professional performance and design to them, more akin to professional-grade sports products than toy sports products.