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Nerf Jr. Foam Blaster: Attack of the Kleptons! is a Nerf video game that was released on November 9th, 1999 under the Nerf Jr. series.

Developed by Hasbro Interactive for the PC, it utilized a special light gun that resembled a regular Nerf blaster. This accessory was used to shoot the robotic Kleptons, the game's antagonists.


The primary game-play consists of many arcade-style games where the player uses the included light gun (or keyboard and mouse) to shoot the Kleptons in different situations. One segment, for example, has the player firing at disguised Kleptons while trying not to shoot humans, and others may have the player simply firing away at any Kleptons on screen.


The alien Kleptons are planning to take over the world's Nerf supply using, oddly enough, a washing machine. After picking a playable character out of the choice of three kids - Taro Wada, Manny Silva, and Nikki Tache - the player must take down their forces before the world's Nerf is gone! Luckily, Mr. Fish, a genius goldfish, is there to supply them with new liquid Nerf-based weapons on your journey.

The game ends with the kids and Mr. Fish victorious, stopping the Klepton's evil plan. An ending card is shown, followed by a question mark, ending the game on a cliffhanger.



The main characters from right to left; Nikki Tach, Manny Silva, Taro Wada, and Mr. Fish

Nikki Tach
The leader of the Nerf Jr. team, Nikki Tach is a blonde girl who wears purple pants, a white shirt, and a pink headband. Over the course of the game she agrees with the team whenever they find out something new about the Kleptons and counters their plan. Voiced by Nikki Rapp.
Manny Silva
Manny Silva is a brunette boy who wears blue pants, a teal shirt, with a suspender, and a red hat. He serves as the comic relief character of the team. Voiced by Marcus Wong.
Taro Wada
Taro Wada has black hair, and wears a yellow shirt and blue jeans. Voiced by Jacob Green.
Mr. Fish
A goldfish who just happens to also be a genius, Mr. Fish helps the Nerf Jr. team. Voiced by Matthew Morin.


Kleptons Arnold.GIF

A heavyset robot with a large cylinder for the spine, with arms on the round ends of it. It has a downward triangle shaped bottom, with feet that appeared to be hooved.


A red colored robot with a dome shaped head, a claw at the top, and four legs on the bottom.


As its name states, is is an orange and beige Klepton with a magnet on its chest. It can also turn its head 360 degrees.

Kleptons Uniflyer.GIF

Pink in color, it looks like a bowl-shaped helicopter with a singular arm on the bottom, and a propeller for flying. It requires two shots to destroy.
A Klepton with a bucket shaped body, with a claw on its chest, and wheels respectively. It require two shots to destroy.
A blue Klepton which also has a bucket shaped body with arms on the ends, and long legs for walking.
Klepton Queen
The main antagonist of the game, she is the lead Klepton and is fought at the last level. Voiced by Mark Petrakis.


  • The opening sequence is a parody of the "gun barrel sequence" famously seen in movies based on Ian Fleming's James Bond novels.
  • In the game's commercial, there is a Magnetor that has a claw instead of a magnet.[citation needed]
  • The Magnetor enemy is the only one that has two walking cycle animations, instead of just one.
  • Unlike other Nerf video games, which featured a mixture of real and fictional blasters, Nerf Jr. Foam Blaster: Attack of the Kleptons! does not feature any real Nerf blasters.


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