Nerf Dog is a series of Nerf-licensed dogs toys that was released in 2013 by Gramercy Products.


Nerf Dog products are made with either rubber, plastic, nylon, or thermo plastic rubber materials, allowing for improved performance and endurance. Products include balls, discs, and other "canine retrieving toys" and even a blaster.

Nerf Dog products

Name Year
3ringtug 3 Ring Tuff Tug 2013
Crunchball Crunch Ball 2013
Nerf dog 1 Crunchable Football 2013
Nerf dog Elastic/Nylon Football Launcher 2013
Extendableballthrower Extendable Ball Thrower 2013
Feederfootballs Feeder Football 2013
Howlerflyer Howler Flyer 2013
Infinitytug Infinity Tug 2013
Jaiailiballthrower Jai-ali Ball Thrower 2013
Nylonflyer Nylon Flyer 2013
Nylonretriever Nylon Retriever Football Flyer 2013
Nylontuff Nylon Tuff Tug Football Rope 2013
Nerf dog 2 Rubber Barbell Chew 2013
Tennisball Rubber-Protected Tennis Ball 2013
Squeakerfootball Squeaker Football 2013
Toughtugfootball Tough Tug Football 2013
Tprflyer TPR Flyer 2013
Oof Tennis Ball Blaster 2016

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