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Nerf Dog is a series of Nerf-branded Gramercy Products dogs toys that was released in fall of 2013.


Nerf Dog products are made with either rubber, plastic, nylon, or thermo plastic rubber materials, allowing for improved performance and endurance. Products include balls, discs, and other "canine retrieving toys".


The Nerf Dog series was first announced on June 18, 2013.[1]

The series would later open up to include Super Soaker products that were designed for use with water.

Nerf Dog products


Name Year
TennisBallBlaster.jpg Tennis Ball Blaster 2016
Tennisblaster16in.png Tennis Ball Blaster (medium) 2017
Dogtreatblaster.png Dog Treat Blaster 2021
Tennisultrablaster.png Ultra Max Distance Tennis Ball Blaster 2021
StompLauncher.jpg Stomp Launcher ?
Tennisblaster12in.png Tennis Ball Blaster (small) ?


Name Year
3ringtug.jpg 3 Ring Tuff Tug 2013
Crunchball.jpg Crunch Ball 2013
CrunchableFootball.jpg Crunchable Football 2013
ElasticNylonFootballLauncher.jpg Elastic/Nylon Football Launcher 2013
Extendableballthrower.jpg Extendable Ball Thrower 2013
Feederfootballs.jpg Feeder Football 2013
Howlerflyer.jpg Howler Flyer 2013
Infinitytug.jpg Infinity Tug 2013
Jaiailiballthrower.jpg Jai-ali Ball Thrower 2013
Nylonflyer.jpg Nylon Flyer 2013
Nylonretriever.jpg Nylon Retriever Football Flyer 2013
Nylontuff.jpg Nylon Tuff Tug Football Rope 2013
RubberBarbellChew.jpg Rubber Barbell Chew 2013
Tennisball.jpg Rubber-Protected Tennis Ball 2013
Squeakerfootball.jpg Squeaker Football 2013
Toughtugfootball.jpg Tough Tug Football 2013
Tprflyer.jpg TPR Flyer 2013
2HandleTuffTug.jpg 2-Handle Tuff Tug ?
AtomicFlyer.jpg Atomic Flyer ?
BashBarbell.jpg Bash Barbell ?
BashBallDog.jpg Bash Ball ?
BashCrunchBall.jpg Bash Crunch Ball ?
BashFootball.jpg Bash Football ?
BashSqueakBall.jpg Bash Squeak Ball ?
BashTennisBall.jpg Bash Tennis Ball ?
BlitzSqueakFootball.jpg Blitz Squeak Football ?
CheckerCrunchBall.jpg Checker Crunch Ball ?
CheckerSqueakBall.jpg Checker Squeak Ball ?
ClassicSqueakFootball.jpg Classic Squeak Football ?
ClassicTennisBall.jpg Classic Tennis Ball ?
LightningStrikeFlyer.jpg Lightning Strike Flyer ?
NylonZoneFlyer.jpg Nylon Zone Flyer ?
ReactorHexBall.jpg Reactor Hex Ball ?
RubberCurveBall.jpg Rubber Curve Ball ?
SoccerCrunchBall.jpg Soccer Crunch Ball ?
SoccerSqueakBall.jpg Soccer Squeak Ball ?
SolidFoamSonicBall.jpg Solid Foam Sonic Ball ?
SpiralSqueakFootball.jpg Spiral Squeak Ball ?
SqueakBall.jpg Squeak Ball ?
SqueakCrab.jpg Squeak Crab ?
SqueakCroc.jpg Squeak Crocodile ?
SqueakFootball.jpg Squeak Football ?
SqueakShark.jpg Squeak Shark ?
SqueakStick.jpg Squeak Stick ?
TeetherFootball.jpg Teether Football ?
TireFeeder.jpg Tire Feeder ?
TireFlyer.jpg Tire Flyer ?
TireInfinityTug.jpg Tire Infinity Tug ?
TireSqueakAero.jpg Tire Squeak Aero ?
TireSqueakBall.jpg Tire Squeak Ball ?
TireSqueakFootball.jpg Tire Squeak Football ?
TireSqueakStick.jpg Tire Squeak Stick ?
TossnTugRing.jpg Toss & Tug Ring ?
TPRSonicBall.jpg TPR Sonic Ball ?
TPRFoamSqueakBasketball.jpg TPR/Foam Squeak Basketball ?
TPRFoamSqueakFootball.jpg TPR/Foam Squeak Football ?
TriFlyer.jpg TPR/Foam Tri-Flyer ?
TrackshotBall.jpg Trackshot Ball ?
TrackshotCycloneRing.jpg Trackshot Cyclone Ring ?
TrackshotFootball.jpg Trackshot Football ?
TrackshotInfinityTug.jpg Trackshot Infinity Tug ?
TrackshotDuck.jpg Trackshot Launching Duck ?
TrackshotFrog.jpg Trackshot Launching Frog ?
TrackshotXRing.jpg Trackshot X-Ring Ball ?
TuffTug.jpg Tuff Tug ?
TuffTurtle.jpg Tuff Turtle ?
TugRay.jpg Tug Ray ?
VortexTug.jpg Vortex Tug ?
WaveSqueakFootball.jpg Wave Squeak Football ?


Name Year
Dogtreatrefill.png Dog Treat Refill Pack 2021
DistanceTennisBall4Pack.jpg Distance Tennis Ball Refill Pack ?

Product sets

Name Year
RubberCurveBall2Pack.jpg Rubber Curve Ball 2-Pack ?


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