The Nerf Ball is a Nerf product that was released in 1969. It was the first Nerf product released, nineteen years before the release of the first Nerf blaster. It is also referred to as "The world's first Indoor Ball".



The Nerf Ball was originally developed in 1969 by Reyn Guyer as a part of a table-top volleyball game; he pitched his product to Parker Brothers, who took interest in solely the ball. The company decided to produce only the ball.

It was released the following year; originally, it was obtainable only by sending in the tops of twenty regular packages (or ten sugar-sweetened packages) of Kool-Aid.

It has a direct successor that was released later that year: the Super Nerf Ball. It was given a seven inch diameter, making it outclass its predecessor.

Consumer Reports test

In 1971, the company Consumer Reports, known for testing products of all kinds, performed a test on the Nerf Ball. Their results were summarized with the following statement:

1971 The Official Nerf Ball is tested for flammability against the standard set by the 1969 Child Protection and Toy Safety Act. The Nerf Ball failed, bursting into flames about two seconds after contact with a lit match.

The Nerf Ball failed Consumer Reports' test, although it is unknown if any action was actually taken.


  • The ball is orange, which may have set the "default Nerf color" for most Nerf products.

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