Not to be confused with the Action Blasters series.

Nerf Action is a series of Nerf blasters that was released in 1994.


The standard Nerf series at the time, Nerf Action consisted of few gimmick blasters and mostly high-capacity blasters when compared to other series around the same time.

The name "Nerf Action" is never seen on product packaging, and only appeared in promotional merchandise and catalogs. Because of this, some sites simply merge this series with the Original Nerf series.


The series was the successor to the Original Nerf series. It lasted for two years and was discontinued in 1995. It was spiritually succeeded by Power Nerf.

Despite its discontinuation, the 1996 Cyber Stryke Gear series used the Nerf Action logo on its packaging until its discontinuation in 1997.

Nerf Action products


Name Year
BallzookaBlaster Ballzooka 1994
Chainblazer Chainblazer 1994
DoubleCrossbowUpdated Double Crossbow 1994
Sneakshot Sneak Shot 1994
SonicStingerBox Sonic Stinger Bow 'n' Arrow 1994
Switchfire1994 Switchfire 1994
Nerf-Crossbow Crossbow 1995
Ripsaw Ripsaw 1995
Secret Shot right Secret Shot 1995
Nerf sharpshooter 2 Sharpshooter II 1995

Official videos

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