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The National Blaster League is an unofficial dart blaster tournament that began in 2018. It is sponsored and hosted by third-party company Battle Bunkerz.


The NBL acts as a successor to Nerf's official Nerf Dart Tag League. Some teams are captained by a popular Nerf YouTube personality. Running commentary is provided by Tyler Lemco of Epic Meal Time, and Jordan The Future.

Each match has a different game type, ranging from Capture the Flag to King of the Hill. "Power Cards" can can be played by team captains before or mid-game to affect game rules, such as changing how tagging out players works or forcing players to drop excess ammunition. Blasters are also limited each match to a single brand series (such as N-Strike Mega or Adventure Force).

Unlike the NDTL, though, matches are scripted and footage is edited in post.

Season 1

The first season of the NBL lasted throughout 2018 and consisted of sixteen matches. The final match ended on a cliffhanger.


Team Name W L Captain
NBLBulldogs Bulldogs 3 7 Akeem The Dream
NBLHawks Hawks 3 6 Tania Titanium
NBLKnights Knights 3 7 Lord Drac
NBLPanthers Panthers 3 6 PDK
NBLPirates Pirates 3 6 Jacques LeStrap
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