N-Strike Modulus (also known as N-Strike Modulus System) is a series of Nerf products that was released in fall of 2015.


The N-Strike Modulus series focuses on customization of blasters with multiple accessories, including tactical rail accessories, barrel extensions, and detachable shoulder stocks. All blasters released under the series come packaged with accessories that can be interchanged with one another. Several blasters could also double as attachments.


The N-Strike Modulus series was officially announced at the 2015 New York City Toy Fair, showcasing the series' titular blaster, the Modulus ECS-10, alongside a few upgrade kits.

N-Strike Modulus products


Name Year
Modulus2 Modulus ECS-10 2015
Blasterstock-0 Blaster Stock 2015
Battlescout Battlescout ICS-10 2016
GripBlaster Grip Blaster 2016
Ionfire IonFire 2016
Nerf modulus recon mkii Recon MKII 2016
TriStrike Tri-Strike 2016
BarrelStrike BarrelStrike 2017
Regulator1 Regulator 2017
Unknown-2 StockShot 2017
Modulus stryfe2 Stryfe 2017
MediatorBlaster Mediator 2018
MediatorBarrel Mediator Barrel 2018
61aUwqgOrOL. SL1500 LongStrike 2018
Trackerecs-10 Tracker ECS-10 2019


Name Year
Modulscope2 Distance Scope 2015
Tactical Light Modulus Tactical Light 2016
TargetingLightBeam Targeting Light Beam 2016
Moulus walkie talkies Walkie Talkie 2016
NERF MODULUS DAY NIGHT ZOOM SCOPE Accessory Day/Night Zoom Scope 2017
Unknown-3 Storage Shield 2017
StorageStock2017 Storage Stock 2017
MediatorStockContents Mediator Stock 2018

Product sets

Name Year
FlipClipUpgradeKit-box Flip Clip Upgrade Kit 2015
LongRangeUpgradeKit-box Long Range Upgrade Kit 2015
StealthOpsUpgradeKit-box Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit 2015
StrikeDefendUpgradeKit-box Strike & Defend Upgrade Kit 2015
Close Combat Upgrade Kit Close Combat Upgrade Kit 2016
12279837786142 Ultimate Customizer Pack 2018


Ghost Ops

Main article: Ghost Ops

The Ghost Ops sub-series features clear blasters, like the Clear Series.


  • The N-Strike Modulus series is the only current Nerf series to not have its own dart refill pack, although accessories such as clips released under this line can be purchased off of Amazon to acquire the series' white Elite Darts.


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