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N-Strike Mega, also known as Mega, is a series and sub-series of Nerf blasters that was released in 2013.


The N-Strike Mega series features the use of an updated Mega Dart type, and features blasters that have firing ranges of up to a hundred feet (twenty-three meters). Blasters within this series have a red color scheme and feature the "Mega" logo frequently on each's shell design.


The N-Strike Mega series began as a sub-series of N-Strike and N-Strike Elite blasters. This was the first series to use the newer type of Mega Dart.

In June of 2014, the Magnus was spotted under Zombie Strike color schemes. In addition, Mega Darts also became a Zombie Strike product, with both released under the Z.E.D. Squad sub-series. This meant that the N-Strike Mega series had officially crossed over to the Zombie Strike line alongside many other current series.

Sometime in late 2014, it was announced that Hasbro would more than likely not be producing any further clip system Mega blasters because of reasons relating to the Centurion's relative lack of success.[1]

In 2015, the BigShock was released, becoming the first Mega blaster to feature the N-Strike logo on its packaging instead of the N-Strike Elite logo.

The sub-series eventually evolved into its own series, with 2016 packaging dropping the N-Strike and N-Strike Elite logos entirely. Despite this, the Lightning Bow was released under the N-Strike Elite series that same year.

The AccuStrike Series was included as a sub-series of N-Strike Mega in 2018, with the release of the Thunderhawk.

In fall of 2020, clips were reintroduced into the Mega series with the release of the MotoStryke. With the release of it, as well as the AccuStrike Series Talon, the series was renamed to Mega, doing away with the association to the N-Strike series.

The 2021 Mega XL series features Mega XL Darts, which are twice the size of Mega Darts.

N-Strike Mega products


Name Year released
Centurion.jpg Centurion 2013
Magnus.jpg Magnus 2014
Thunderbowmega.jpg Mega ThunderBow 2014
Nerf-N-Strike-Elite-Mega-BigShock.jpg BigShock 2015
CycloneShock.jpg CycloneShock 2015
RotoFury.jpg RotoFury 2015
HotShock.jpg HotShock 2016
LightningBow.jpg Lightning Bow 2016
Mastodon.jpg Mega Mastodon 2016
DoubleBreach.jpg DoubleBreach 2017
TwinShock new orange trigger.jpg TwinShock 2017
Nerf MEGA Tri Break.jpg Tri-Break 2018
Megalodon.jpg Megalodon 2019
E6473 Nerf Mega Motostryke.jpg MotoStryke 2020


Name Year released
Mega Dart 10 new.jpg Mega Dart Refill Pack 2013


AccuStrike Series

Main article: AccuStrike Series

The AccuStrike Series is part of the N-Strike Elite, Rebelle, and N-Strike Mega series. Mega blasters under this series are packaged with flat-headed darts that are designed to be more accurate.

BattleCamo Series

Main article: BattleCamo Series

The BattleCamo Series is a sub-series part of the N-Strike Elite, and N-Strike Mega series, featuring "camo"-style repaints of blasters. Currently, the only Mega blaster released under this series is the CycloneShock.

Z.E.D. Squad

Main article: Z.E.D. Squad

The Z.E.D. Squad sub-series features re-released blasters with color schemes similar to that of standard Zombie Strike blasters. Blasters feature no performance change.


  • N-Strike Mega blasters sold in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Sweden are gray trigger blasters with weakened internals, however, normal blasters sold in those countries are normal orange trigger variants. The reason for this is unknown.
  • There are no sub-series that belong completely to N-Strike Mega. The only sub-series the theme has are shared with N-Strike Elite or Zombie Strike.



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