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Not to be confused with the Nerf N-Strike Elite video game.

N-Strike Elite is a current series of Nerf blasters that was released on August 1, 2012.


N-Strike Elite is a Nerf product series heavily focused on "tactical" dart blasters with long ranges that can be customized with various accessories. Most blasters within the series feature the use of tactical rails and attachment points for barrel extensions and shoulder stocks. The series also continues the use of the clip system introduced within the series' predecessor.


The N-Strike Elite series is advertised by Nerf that N-Strike Elite blasters feature ranges up to seventy-five feet to ninety feet, compared to N-Strike's advertised thirty-five foot stock range. This is achieved due to direct plunger firing systems and the Elite Darts, rather than most of their predecessors' reverse plunger firing systems and most having either Streamline Darts, Micro Darts or Whistler Darts.

Versions of the blasters released in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, China, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines do not have the advertised seventy-five foot firing range. They received lower performance and gray triggers. To keep with other countries' safety standards, these N-Strike Elite blasters only have a firing range of fifteen meters (about fifty feet).[1]

All the direct plunger blasters are fitted with a weaker spring and the flywheel blasters are fitted with some sort of "limiter" which prevents the flywheels from spinning at their maximum potential speed. Voltage mods on the flywheel blasters will bring the range on par with the seventy-five feet versions.

Because the fifteen meter direct plunger blasters have near-identical internals to the seventy-five feet versions, any modifications done to fifteen meter blasters will likely have the same performance as an identically modded seventy-five feet Elite blaster.


N-Strike Elite is a direct successor from the popular N-Strike series. Most original releases within the series featured upgraded versions of original N-Strike blasters.

The Retaliator, Rampage and Stockade were released and given a soft release in some retail stores prior to August 1. The Hail-Fire was also released early prior to September 9.

On September 8, a Wired article[2] mentioned two blasters that will be released in fall of 2013: the Stryfe and the Rough Cut 2x4. These blasters, however, were released much sooner than originally expected. The Firestrike, the Strongarm, and the Stryfe were given a soft release in some stores in December of 2013.

The Demolisher 2-In-1 and the Cam ECS-12 were released in fall of 2014; the Rhino-Fire was released later that same year, on November 1.

The Elite 2.0 series would later be released in 2020, serving as a successor to N-Strike Elite.

Color schemes

Most N-Strike Elite blasters feature a distinct color scheme: blue, white, black, gray, and orange. Some blasters have been re-released with an alternate white, blue, black, gray and orange color scheme in 2014.

Multiple blasters have also been released in an orange and black color scheme, such as the Demolisher 2-In-1 and PocketStrike. The Rayven Stinger has an alternate yellow, black, and orange color scheme. Some people might confuse the blaster with the original N-Strike blasters (due to the color scheme).

N-Strike Elite products


Name Year released
Hailfire product.jpg Hail-Fire 2012
Rampage.jpg Rampage 2012
Retaliator.jpg Retaliator 2012
Stockade.jpg Stockade 2012
Alpha Trooper Elite.jpeg Alpha Trooper CS-12 2013
Elitefirestrike.jpg Firestrike 2013
Rapidstrike CS-18.jpg RapidStrike CS-18 2013
Elite Rayven.jpg Rayven CS-18 2013
NSE Rayven Stinger.jpg Rayven Stinger 2013
Spectre REV-5 NSE.jpg Spectre REV-5 2013
Strongarm.jpg Strongarm 2013
Stryfe.jpg Stryfe 2013
Nerf N strike elite Triad ex 3.jpg Triad EX-3 2013
CamECS.jpg Cam ECS-12 2014
Demolisher alt.png Demolisher 2-In-1 2014
Rhino-Fire .png Rhino-Fire 2014
Sidestrike-NSEblue.jpg Sidestrike 2014 (Sidestrike 2-Pack)
CrossboltHasbroRelease.jpg CrossBolt 2015
Elite jolt.jpg Jolt 2015
SplitStrike.jpg SplitStrike 2015
Bowstrike.jpg BowStrike 2016
NERF-N-Strike-Elite-Dual-Strike-Blaster--pTRU1-22065414dt.jpg Dual-Strike 2016
Hyper-Fire.jpg HyperFire 2016
PocketStrike.jpg PocketStrike 2016
Sharpfire.jpg SharpFire 2016
SnapFire.jpg SnapFire 2016
StratoBow new.jpg StratoBow 2016
Disruptor.jpg Disruptor 2017
DeltaTrooper.jpeg Delta Trooper 2018
Infinus.jpg Infinus 2018
NanoFire.JPG NanoFire 2018
ScoutMKII.jpeg Scout MKII 2018
Nerf N-Strike Surgefire.jpg SurgeFire 2018
721-2341 2.jpg Stryfe CQ-10 2018
SureStrike.jpg Surestrike 2018
QuadrantEliteBlue2.JPG Quadrant 2019 (Quadrant 2-Pack)
2019Rampage.png Rampage 2019
Recon CQ-12.jpg Recon CQ-12 2019
Rukkus.jpg Rukkus ICS-8 2019
TitanCS50-1.jpg Titan CS-50 2019
Trilogy DS-15.jpeg Trilogy DS-15 2019
ShellStrike DS-6.jpg ShellStrike DS-6 2020
Falconfireeliteblplaceholder.png FalconFire 2020 (Dueling 2-Pack)

Product sets

Name Year released
Bandolierkitbox.jpg Bandolier Kit 2012
Hailfireupgradekit.jpg Hail-Fire Upgrade Kit 2012
RapidStrikeMissionKitboxUS.jpg Rapid Strike Mission Kit 2012
Elitetacticalvestpackaging.jpg Tactical Vest Kit 2012
2packFirestrike.jpg 2-Pack Firestrike 2013
2packStrongarmAUS.jpg 2-Pack Strongarm 2013
Fireflymissionkit.jpg Firefly Mission Kit 2013
Strongarm2Pack.jpg Strongarm 2-Pack 2013
StrongarmFirestrikeUS.jpg Strongarm & Firestrike All-Mission Pack 2013
Stryfe CS-18 Mission Kit.jpg Stryfe CS-18 Mission Kit 2013
N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 2-Pack.jpg Triad EX-3 2-Pack 2013
RangePakHipHolster.jpg Range P.A.K. & Hip Holster 2014
PrecisionTargetSetPackaging.jpg Precision Target Set 2014
Sidestrike-2pack.jpg Sidestrike 2-Pack 2014
Eat.jpg Alpha Trooper CS-6 Mission Kit 2015
DisruptorTwoPackBox.jpg Disruptor 2-Pack 2016
Snapfire 3-pack.jpg SnapFire 3-Pack 2016
QuadDualBox.jpeg Quadrant 2-Pack 2019
ShellUpgradeKit.jpeg Shell Upgrade Kit 2019
Dueling2pack.png Dueling 2-Pack 2021
BagAndBeltNew.jpg Bag & Belt ?


Name Year released
Nerf-n-strike-elite-30-dart-refill-8ed9a6db97523c8187578a1ef69ebda423c9edb8.jpeg "Deco" Elite Dart Refill 2012
Elite Dart 12 new.jpg Elite Dart Refill 2012
Elite Pin Point Sight.jpg Pinpoint sight 2012
EliteDart5.png Special Edition Elite Dart Refill 2012
EliteAmmoBox.jpg Ammo Box 2013
Blastersleeve2.jpg Blaster Sleeve 2013
DoorTransportPAK.jpg Door Storage-Transport P.A.K. 2013
Footlocker.jpg Foot Locker 2013
GlowDartElite12.jpg Glow-In-The-Dark Elite Dart Refill 2013
MissionAppcradle.jpg Mission App Tactical Rail Mount 2013
Mobile-mission-pak-2.jpg Mobile Mission P.A.K. 2013
RangePAK.jpg Range P.A.K. 2013
TargetPouch.jpg Target P.A.K. 2013
Target-cans-11.jpg Target Can 2013
HipHolster.jpg Hip Holster 2014
SuctionDart.jpg Suction Dart Refill Pack 2014
Vision.jpg Vision Gear 2014
N-StrikeEliteMissileRefillPack.jpg Elite Missile Refill Pack 2015
Spinning Target.jpg Spinning Target 2015
Strikeout target.jpg Strikeout Target 2015
EliteTarget.jpg Digital Target 2017
PortablePracticeTargetMain.jpeg Portable Practice Target 2017
BlasterRack.jpg Blaster Rack 2018
HoveringTarget.jpg Hovering Target 2018


AccuStrike Series

Main article: AccuStrike Series

The AccuStrike Series is part of the N-Strike Elite, Rebelle, N-Strike Mega, and ULTRA series. The Elite and Rebelle blasters under this series are packaged with spiral headed darts that are designed to be more accurate.

BattleCamo Series

Main article: BattleCamo Series

The BattleCamo Series consists of re-released N-Strike Elite blasters and attachments. The series is a Walmart exclusive.

Micro Shots

Main article: Micro Shots

The Micro Shots sub-series features Jolt-like blasters molded to look like blasters from multiple series.

Multishot Madness

Main article: Multishot Madness

The Multishot Madness sub-series is part of both the N-Strike Elite series and the Vortex series. The Rough Cut 2x4 was released under this series and featured the ability to fire two darts at once.

Sonic ICE

Main article: Sonic ICE

The Retaliator, the Rampage, and the Hail-Fire are all available under the Toys "R" Us exclusive Sonic ICE sub-series, in clear blue plastic instead of the standard opaque blue plastic versions, later followed by the Jolt in a shared Sonic ICE/Sonic FIRE multi-pack.

Sonic FIRE

Main article: Sonic FIRE

The Barrel Break IX-2, Strongarm, and Jolt are all available under the Toys "R" Us exclusive Sonic FIRE sub-series in clear red plastic instead of the standard opaque blue, including an exclusive color variant of the Elite Darts with red instead of blue bodies, the same color also used by the larger Mega Darts.


  • The series name may have been derived from the previously released Nerf N-Strike Elite video game.
  • The series is the first line of clip-fed blasters to feature a direct plunger system since the Longshot CS-6 and Stampede ECS.
  • Although the pinpoint sight is not identified as an Elite product on its packaging (in fact, the packaging is only branded "NERF", not even "N-Strike"), the instructions do sport the N-Strike Elite logo and refer to the product as "Elite Mission Kit Pinpoint Sight" in at least three instances.
  • The N-Strike Mega series was once a sub-series under the N-Strike Elite series, titled "N-Strike Elite Mega". It became its own series sometime in 2016.


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