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Not to be confused with the Nerf N-Strike video game.

N-Strike is a discontinued series of Nerf blasters that started in 2003.


The N-Strike series is notable for starting many new blaster trends within the Nerf brand. N-Strike blasters sport tactical rails, which can be used to customize loadouts with numerous accessories and attachments. N-Strike blasters also resemble and function more like real life weaponry in comparison to previous blasters; the debate whether this is a positive or negative thing is argued among Nerf enthusiasts.


The N-Strike series features multiple attachable accessories that are compatible with most N-Strike blasters. These include barrel extensions, detachable shoulder stocks, flip-up sights, scopes, shields, and more.


The N-Strike series has a direct successor series: N-Strike Elite. Despite this, not all N-Strike products will receive the upgrade treatment.

As of 2013, most products in the N-Strike lineup have been discontinued or replaced by the newer, better performing N-Strike Elite blasters. Despite this, certain blasters such as the 2014 Zombie Strike Jolt are sold under the N-Strike banner in certain parts of the world.

Six N-Strike blasters have been re-released with a color scheme to match the N-Strike Elite series. As these are technically not advertised to be N-Strike Elite blasters and do not match the performance of N-Strike Elite blasters, they are referred to as Elite Repaints.

Color schemes

Most N-Strike blasters feature a distinct color scheme: yellow, black, gray, and orange.

Some blasters, such as the Raider CS-35, Longstrike CS-6, and the Reflex IX-1, have an alternate blue, black, gray, and orange color scheme.

N-Strike products

Clip system blasters (CS)

Name Year
LongshotCS6 Longshot CS-6 2006
Recon Recon CS-6 2008
Raider new Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 2009
AlphaR Alpha Trooper CS-18 2010
Deploy CS-6 Deploy CS-6 2010
Nerf-Longstrike-CS-6-1024x320 Longstrike CS-6 2010

Revolver blasters (REV)

Name Year
Firefly REV-8 Firefly REV-8 2005
Nerf maverick Maverick REV-6 2005
Spectre REV-5 Spectre REV-5 2010

External single fire blasters (EX)

Name Year
66EAE2B4D56FE1124D8A7462910EB961 Nite Finder EX-3 2005
Element Element EX-6 2008
Nerf switch shot ex3 Switch Shot EX-3 2008
Joltex1 Jolt EX-1 2011

Electronic belt-fed blasters (EBF)

Name Year
Vulcan Vulcan EBF-25 2008

Electronic clip system blasters (ECS)

Name Year
Stampede Stampede ECS 2010

Internal single fire blasters (IX)

Name Year
Scout Scout IX-3 2004
Reflex II Reflex IX-1 2009
Barrel Break IX-2 Barrel Break IX-2 2010

Air system blasters (AS)

Name Year
Hornet AS-6 Hornet AS-6 2004
Titan AS-V.1 Titan AS-V.1 2004
B8996C80D56FE1124DCC8AF0F5284A2C Secret Strike AS-1 2005
Magstrike AS-10 Magstrike AS-10 2007
RapidFireAS-20 Rapid Fire AS-20 2010

Electronic revolver blasters (RV)

Name Year
Barricade RV-10 Barricade RV-10 2010

Other blasters

Name Year
Techtargeteliminatorbluegreen Tech Target Eliminator 2007
100 7951 Big Bad Bow 2011
Nerf-blazin-bow Blazin' Bow 2013
Doubledown DoubleDown 2015
Sharpfire SharpFire 2015
SnapFire SnapFire 2015
Slingstrike SlingStrike 2015
Thunderblast ThunderBlast 2015
Bowstrike BowStrike 2016
81UDcytc4RL SL1500 GlowShot 2016
OnTheGoBlasterKeychain On the Go Blaster Keychain 2016
SharpFireDelta SharpFire Delta 2016

Product sets

Name Year
TitanScoutPack Titan ASV-1 & Scout IX-3 Set 2003
2326183 Image 1 Unity Power System 2003
Nite finder 2 pack Nite Finder EX-3 2-Pack 2006
Expansion Disk Shot Expansion Pack 2007
Disc Shot Disk Shot Set 2007
6 dart clip mission kit Six Dart Clip Mission Kit 2007
TechTarget2007hd Tech Target Set 2007
The-legend-of-zelda-ocarina-of-time-3ds-20110317042218029 Attack Unit 2008
Element (for now) Element EX-6 Action Kit 2008
Pinpoint sight mission kit Pinpoint Sight Mission Kit 2008
Nerf-Bandolier-Dart-Kit Bandolier Kit 2009
FlipClipBox2009 Flip Clip Refill 2009
Tactical Light mission kit Tactical Light Mission Kit 2009
Tactical scope mission kit Tactical Scope Mission Kit 2009
42B3810719B9F3691048DE2F8F3FB234 Tactical Vest Kit 2009
Tech Target 2 Tech Target Set 2009
Maverick2-Pack Maverick REV-6 2-Pack 2010
Quickblastgame Quick Blast Game 2010
Ammo bag kit Ammo Bag Kit 2011
ReflexBox2 Reflex IX-1 2-Pack 2011
Spin prod 525647801 Scout IX-3 2-Pack 2011
Techtarget2player Tech Target 2-Player Set 2011
A9535eu4-nerf-n-strike-elite-precision-target-set-pack Precision Target Set 2014
Jolt2-Pack Jolt 2-Pack 2015
RR Jolt Target Value Set 2015
PrecisionFirePlayKitBox Precision Fire Play Kit 2016


Name Year
MicroDart16 Micro Dart Refill 2003
WhistlerDart16 Whistler Dart Refill 2004
Streamline16 Streamline Dart Refill 2006
DiskShotRefill Disk Shot Refill 2007
9CU6SV226745VE44FGWM Twenty-five dart belt 2008
Nstrikeammobox sonic Ammo Box 2009
Red dot Pinpoint sight 2009
18 dart drum Eighteen dart drum 2010
GlowDartStream16 Glow-In-The-Dark Streamline Dart Refill 2012
Elite Walkie Talkies Walkie Talkie 2013
Camcorder HD Action Camcorder 2015
NightTalkies Night Talkie 2015
Night Vision Binoculars blue Nightvision Binoculars 2015
Night Vision Camcorder blue Nightvision Camcorder 2015
FRS Walkie Talkie FRS Walkie Talkie 2015
Shooting pot Shooting Pot ?


Name Year
AlarmClockRadio Alarm Clock Radio 2013
Nerf boombox CD Boombox 2013
Nerf earbuds 2 Earbuds 2014
Stockade Flash Drive USB Flash Drive 2014
Nerf drone 2 Air Defender X Drone Cam Copter 2015
AerialDroneNew Aerial Drone 2016
Zu41840510 main tm1473794059 Foldable Stereo Headphones ?
Prod 16572388524 Headphones ?
Portable bluetooth speaker Bluetooth Round Speaker ?
Nerf headphones Volume Limiting Headphones ?


Clear Series

Main article: Clear Series

Originally called Clear the Way, the Clear Series was introduced to promote the then-upcoming Stampede ECS. The sub-series features blasters made with translucent, clear plastic, which allows the user to see the orange internals of a blaster.

Elite Repaint

Main article: Elite Repaint

Redecos of several N-Strike blasters are available in N-Strike Elite colors and packaging that emulates the design of Elite packaging. In addition, the blasters all come with Elite Darts. However, even though these blasters are listed in the N-Strike Elite category on Hasbro's official Nerf website, the packaging itself is lacking the Elite moniker. Most importantly, though, the blasters' internals are unchanged, thus lacking true "Elite" ranges for the most part (excluding the Jolt EX-1, which had already featured "Elite" ranges in its original N-Strike incarnation).

Gear Up

Main article: Gear Up

The Gear Up sub-series was released to help promote the then-upcoming Vortex series. It features blasters with an orange and black color scheme; additional black designs were added to decorate the blasters. Blasters also came packaged with a single XLR Disc.

Light It Up

Main article: Light It Up

The Light It Up sub-series was part of both the N-Strike series and the Vortex series. The Rayven CS-18 was released under this series and featured the use of glow-in-the-dark darts.

Red Strike

Main article: Red Strike

The Red Strike sub-series features blasters with a red and orange color scheme. The series is notable for being for sale at Walmart for Black Friday 2009; because of their rarity, the blasters are coveted by collectors.

Sonic Series

Main article: Sonic Series

The Sonic Series features blasters made with translucent green plastic, which allows the user to see the orange internals of a blaster. The Sonic Series is the largest re-release N-Strike sub-series.

Whiteout Series

Main article: Whiteout Series

The Whiteout Series features blasters with a white, black, and orange color scheme. Whiteout re-releases are known for having slightly improved performances compared to their original N-Strike counterparts.


  • This was the longest running and largest series of dart blasters made by Nerf to date, and can still be considered running due to its various successors.
  • This series is the only one that has released more than one video game. It is also the only series whose video games have not used blasters from other series.
  • Contrary to popular belief, this is not the first series of Nerf to release blasters with clips. The first clip-fed blasters were actually the Sawtooth and the Electric Eel from the Max Force series. However, it is the first series of Nerf to release blasters with a modern clip, which works like a firearm magazine.
  • The "N" in "N-Strike" may stand for Nerf.
  • The N-Strike Mega series was once a sub-series under the N-Strike series and the N-Strike Elite series; it became its own series sometime in 2016.


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