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Honor, Valor
— N-Force's tagline, as seen on its logo

N-Force is a series of Nerf foam weapons that was released in 2009.


The N-Force series consists of foam weapons, such as swords, axes and shields. To accomodate for rough play, N-Force weapons are more durable foam than the foam used for Nerf ammunition. Over time, the foam on the weapons may tear and rip due to rough or extended use, meaning that the weapons may not last very long. Scuff marks are easy to make on certain weapons such as the Warlock Axe.

While most of the weapons are made of a strong, rubbery foam, the Klaw Hatchet, Thunder Fury Short Sword, Vantage Sword, and Shadow Fury Short Sword are made of a weaker, easily rippable foam.


The N-Force series was discontinued in 2011, with the Vantage Sword and the Vendetta Double Sword as the last products produced under the series.

N-Force products


Marauder.jpg Marauder Long Sword 2009
ShadowFury.png Shadow Fury Short Sword 2009
Thunderfury.png Thunder Fury Short Sword 2009
BattlemasterMace.jpg Battlemaster Mace 2010
KlawHatchet.jpg Klaw Hatchet 2010
StonewallSwordShield.jpg Stonewall Shield and Sword 2010
Warlock (3).jpg Warlock Axe 2010
Vantage.jpg Vantage Sword 2011
Vendettasword.jpg Vendetta Double Sword 2011

Product sets

N-ForceTwoPack.jpg Thunder Fury and Shadow Fury 2-Pack ?


  • N-Force is probably supposed to sound like "enforce", which is part of the N-Strike motto. This could also be used to tie in with the already-successful N-Strike series by using a similar name.
  • The 2009 Nerf N-Force commercial was the sponsoring commercial for the first Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.
  • Due to their flimsy nature, most N-Force weapons are not safe for standard LARPing use.


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