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The Spectre REV-5's muzzle; note that it is compatible with barrel extensions.

The muzzle of a Nerf blaster is the open end of the barrel where darts exit the blaster when fired. It is one of the main parts of a standard blaster, along with the trigger and the barrel.


The muzzle can either be a simple hole, or a tube to make the blaster have more of an effect. Some blasters actually require the muzzle, such as the Nite Finder EX-3 because that is where the dart is loaded to be shot. Some blasters do not need a muzzle and therefore, don't have one altogether. This is demonstrated by multiple blasters, such as the Firefly REV-8, the Titan AS-V.1, and the Big Bad Bow.

Many modern blasters use muzzles that are compatible with barrel extensions; this was first popularized with the N-Strike series.

Due to toy weapon laws in most countries, muzzles on Nerf blasters are predominately orange.


The first blaster to have a muzzle was the Blast-a-Ball in 1989.

The only Nerf series to not feature any blasters with muzzles were the Hyper Rip Rockets and Aero series, both being very small and consisting of very few products.