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Multishot Madness is a sub-series of Nerf N-Strike Elite and Vortex blasters that was released in 2013.


All blasters under the sub-series feature the ability to launch two darts or XLR Discs at once.


The series was first revealed in November of 2012.[1]

Of the two blasters released under the series, the Rough Cut would go on to be folded under its parent series (N-Strike Elite) with later re-releases.

Multishot Madness products


Name Year
Diatron.jpg Diatron 2013
Roughcut.jpg Rough Cut 2x4 2013


  • It is the second side-by-side sub-series, the first being Light It Up.
  • The N-Strike Barrel Break and the Zombie Strike SledgeFire can also fire more than one dart at a time, with the SledgeFire being able to shoot up to three darts at once, yet neither of them are included in this sub-series. This can be explained by the mechanic they use, as the Diatron uses a lateral level priming, while the Rough Cut features an intelligent air system, which were not used on previous multi-fire blasters.
  • In 2013, a Nerf-themed event for the popular computer game, ROBLOX, was hosted. It was most likely intended to promote the Multishot Madness series as it featured virtual renditions of the Rough Cut 2x4 and the Diatron.[2]

Official videos


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