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The Speedswarm's motorized direct plunger system.

A motorized direct plunger is a type of plunger system found in some dart blasters. It is battery-operated and resembles that of a standard direct plunger system, rather than a flywheel system.


The motorized direct plunger mechanism is a completely motorized version of the direct plunger system, which featured an electronic priming mechanism, rather than a standard manual one. When the blaster's firing trigger is pulled, its plunger tube moves forward while the plunger rod remains fixed in place, compressing the spring. A dart is loaded into the barrel during this process, and is shortly fired after, when the plunger rod is released. A return spring helps to move all parts back into place before the cycle is repeated. This style of priming and firing darts is not as fast as a flywheel blaster; despite not needing time to rev up an internal flywheel motor, the process of the electronic prime has to repeat for each dart fired.


The motorized direct plunger system was introduced with the 2008 N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25; this blaster also offered a standard bolt-action priming mechanism alongside the battery-operated mechanism.


Voltage modifications on motorized direct plunger blasters will allow them to fire faster than their stock versions.

List of motorized direct plunger blasters

Name Year released
Vulcan.jpg Vulcan EBF-25 2008
Stampede.jpg Stampede ECS 2010
Nerf+Dart+Tag+Speedswarm+-+03.JPG Speedswarm 2011
Nerf-dart-tag-swarmfire.jpg Swarmfire 2011
Powerbelle 500X500.jpg Powerbelle 2013
Lmtdneedler.png Needler 2022
Mythic.png Mythic 2022


  • Oddly enough, the N-Strike Elite series, which consists almost entirely of direct plunger blasters, has not seen a blaster released with a motorized direct plunger; all motorized blasters released in the series so far have been flywheel-powered blasters. This does not include the Elite Repaint of the Havok Fire EBF-25, due to Elite Repaint blasters still being branded as N-Strike.