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The Speedswarm's motorized direct plunger system.

A motorized direct plunger is a type of plunger system. It is electronically-based, like flywheels, yet it is more efficient because it resembles the basic form of a direct plunger.


This mechanism is essentially a completely motorized direct plunger system, where the blaster is primed electronically instead of manually. When the firing trigger is pulled, the plunger tube moves forward while the plunger rod remains fixed, compressing the spring. While the plunger tube moves, the dart is loaded into the barrel and then stops, releasing the plunger rod to fire the dart. A return spring sends the whole system back and the cycle will repeat. This system utilizes a direct plunger, the only difference between a normal direct plunger and a motorized direct plunger, is that both the plunger tube and the plunger rod move instead of just the plunger rod. While it does not require time to rev up like a flywheel blaster, it does require some time to electronically prime the first shot after the trigger is pulled, which means it cannot be fired as fast as a flywheel.


It was first used in the 2008 N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25.

Oddly enough, the N-Strike Elite series, which consists almost entirely of direct plunger blasters, has not seen a blaster released with a motorized direct plunger; all motorized blasters released in the series so far have been flywheel-powered blasters. This does not include the Elite Repaint of the Havok Fire EBF-25, due to Elite Repaint blasters still being branded as N-Strike.

There have also been no reverse plunger variants of a motorized plunger blaster.

In 2019, the motorized direct plunger was finally used again in the ICON Series Stampede ECS.


Performing a voltage modification on a blaster that utilizes a motorized direct plunger can allow it to be fired much faster than one without a voltage modification.

Blasters with motorized direct plungers