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The Monster series is a hybrid series of Larami Super Soakers that began in 2000.


The Monster series is a hybrid of the successful Super Charger and CPS lines; it features CPS-style soakers with Super Charger technology. This line is known for having the largest Super Soaker ever released, the Monster XL. It, along with the other two soakers in this series, were all large, elastic-pressured soakers.

This series also had its own Q.F.D. ("Quick-Fill Device"), which was taken and used from the Super Charger line. It featured a different color scheme and is sturdier, being made of a thicker, harder plastic than the Super Charger version of the Q.F.D.


After three soakers and several re-releases, the lineup was discontinued after 2002 alongside CPS. No soakers from this series continued on, with the exception of the Monster, which was later re-released as the CPS 4100 with the Q.F.D. compatibility removed.

Monster products

Super Soakers

Name Year
MonsterX2001Box.jpg Monster X 2000
MonsterXL.jpg Monster XL 2000
Monster.jpg Monster 2001