A Mission Kit is a Nerf N-Strike or N-Strike Elite package sold separately from Nerf blasters.


The title was coined in 2008 for a series of accessories sold separately from blasters. Prior to the N-Strike Elite series, each kit came packaged with a single tactical rail accessory (excluding the six dart clip kit) and ten Micro Darts.

N-Strike Elite Mission Kits include multiple accessories, as well as Elite Darts. Unlike their N-Strike counterparts, N-Strike Elite Mission Kits have also began including blasters as well, as seen with the Rapid Strike Mission Kit and the Stryfe CS-18 Mission Kit.

The Vortex Tech Kit and Firefly Tech Kit can also arguably be considered Mission Kits.

In 2015 the concept of a Mission Kit was revisited with the release of the N-Strike Modulus line of customizable accessories and blasters to go along with them. These accessories, like the original series and various upgrade kits since, feature products like scopes, flip clips, and spare clips.[1].

Mission Kits


Name Included accessories
Pinpoint sight mission kit Pinpoint Sight Mission Kit A pinpoint sight and ten Micro Darts.
6 dart clip mission kit Six Dart Clip Mission Kit Two six dart clips and ten Streamline Darts.
Tactical Light mission kit Tactical Light Mission Kit A Tactical Light and ten Micro Darts.
Tactical scope mission kit Tactical Scope Mission Kit A tactical scope and ten Micro Darts.

N-Strike Elite

Name Included accessories
Eat Alpha Trooper CS-6 Mission Kit An Alpha Trooper CS-6, a Folding Stock, two six dart clips, and twelve Elite Darts
Fireflymissionkit Firefly Mission Kit A Firefly Tech clip and eighteen Glow-In-The-Dark Elite Darts
RapidStrikeMissionKitboxUS Rapid Strike Mission Kit A Retaliator, two eighteen dart clips, and thirty-six Elite Darts
Stryfe CS-18 Mission Kit Stryfe CS-18 Mission Kit A Stryfe, a Stockade shoulder stock, a Retaliator barrel extension, an Assault Grip, an eighteen dart clip, and eighteen Elite Darts


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