Not to be confused with Elite Missiles.

The missile is a type of Nerf ammunition that was released in 1992.


Missiles are used by few Nerf blasters. They vary in color and have three wings, which are known to be quite flimsy and fall off easily. Once the fins become damaged both range and accuracy decrease dramatically.

From first glance, they appear to be the same as Nerf arrows, as they are long and have fins on the end to make them more aerodynamic. However, they are much shorter than arrows, not reaching the standard 9" length. A later rename saw missiles be retroactively categorized as arrows.


It was first introduced in 1992 alongside the Missilestorm and NB-1 Missile Blaster. For many years, the missile was not used with any Nerf blasters until the release of the Arrow Strike, where they were released under the name Mini Arrows, or 5" Arrows.[1] Performance remained unchanged despite the color and name swap.

Color schemes

Missiles have been released under the following color schemes:

  • Black body with blue fins
  • Black body with yellow fins
  • Yellow body with orange and blue camo fins
  • Yellow body with black and yellow camo fins
  • Yellow body with black and blue camo fins


SuperMAXX Missile

The SuperMAXX Missile (or Larami Missile) is a type of ammunition used in the original SuperMAXX line. It was used with the SuperMAXX 1500 Rapid-Fire Missile Blaster. They're extremely similar to Nerf missiles, except that SuperMAXX Missiles have fins that are angular in shape.

Blasters compatible with missiles



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