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Not to be confused with Elite Missiles or Mega Missiles.

A missile is a type of Nerf ammunition that was released in 1992.


Missiles feature a short body and three fins at the end, which help with aerodynamics when fired through the air. As such, they are capable of being fired at long range and having high accuracy; performance will take a sharp drop if the fins are damaged, however.

Because of this appearance, they can be easily mistaken for arrows; missiles are shorter than the 9" arrow.

The inner diameter of missiles are 0.375" wide. The fins are 2" long, 0.75" wide, and 0.09" thick.


The first Nerf blasters to feature missiles were the 1992 Missilestorm and NB-1 Missile Blaster.

They would later be released as Mini Arrows, with the 2001 Arrow Strike.

Nerf would go on to release further missile types. This included the Gyro Strike Gyro Missile, the Big Bad Titan Mega Missile, and the N-Strike Elite Elite Missile, all of which featured varied appearances and performance differences.

Color schemes

Missiles have been released with the following color schemes:

  • Black body with yellow fins
  • Black body with blue fins
  • Yellow body with black fins
  • Yellow body with orange and blue camo fins
  • Yellow body with black and yellow camo fins
  • Yellow body with black and purple camo fins
  • Yellow body with green and purple camo fins

Refill sizes

Missile refill packs come in the following sizes:

Size Price
MissileRefillPack2.jpg 4 ?