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Micro Shots is a sub-series of Nerf blasters that was released in spring of 2018[1].


The Micro Shots sub-series consists of Jolt EX-1 reshells that are designed as a "micro", single-shot version of popular blasters. It is shared by the N-Strike Elite, and Zombie Strike series. It has also been branded into the Hasbro Star Wars, Marvel, Overwatch, and Fortnite products as well.

It is broken up into "Series" of releases, each consisting of three blasters with an overall theme.


Micro Shots was developed by Hasbro, with partnership from design studio Volume Studios.[2]

The series was originally leaked in summer of 2017, in the form of images of the Star Wars blasters. It was then officially announced shortly after at Hascon. Releases up to Series 3 were teased. In early July 2019, Series 3 Micro Shots were spotted on shelves in Hong Kong.

Micro Shots products


Series 1

Name Year
Firestrike Micro.jpg Firestrike 2018
Hammershot Micro.jpg Hammershot 2018
Strongarm Micro.jpg Strongarm 2018

Series 2

Name Year
Crossfiremicro.jpg Crossfire Bow 2018
RoughCut Micro.jpg Rough Cut 2x4 2018
Stryfemicro.jpg Stryfe 2018

Series 3

Name Year
MicroCrosscut.jpg Crosscut 2019
MicroFlipfury.jpeg FlipFury 2019
MicroDoublestrike.jpg Doublestrike 2019

Fortnite Series 1

Name Year
Nerf Fortnite Microshots Llama 1.jpg Micro Llama 2019
Nerf Fortnite Microshots RL 2.jpg Micro RL 2019
Nerf Fortnite Microshots TS 2.jpg Micro TS 2019

Fortnite Series 2

Name Year
MicroARL.jpg Micro AR-L 2019
MicroBattleBus.jpg Micro Battle Bus 2019
MicroHCR.jpg Micro HC-R 2019

Marvel Series 1

Name Year
CaptainAmericaMicroShots.jpg Captain America Blaster 2019
IronManMicroShots.jpg Iron Man Blaster 2019
SpiderManMicroShots.jpg Spider-Man Blaster 2019

Marvel Series 2

Name Year
BlackpantherMS.jpeg Black Panther Blaster 2019
CaptainmarvelMS.jpg Captain Marvel Blaster 2019
HulkMS.jpg Hulk Blaster 2019

Overwatch Series 1

Name Year
DVaMicroShots.jpg D.Va Blaster 2019
TorbjornMicroShots.jpg Torbjörn Blaster 2019
TracerMicroShots.jpg Tracer Blaster 2019

Overwatch Series 2

Name Year
Lucionew.jpg Lúcio Blaster 2019
Mei new.jpg Mei Blaster 2019
Roadhognew.jpg Roadhog Blaster 2019

Star Wars

Name Year
StormtrooperMicroShots.jpg First Order Stormtrooper Blaster 2019
HanSoloMicroShots.jpg Han Solo Blaster 2019
ReyIslandJourney MS.jpg Rey (Island Journey) 2019

Blaster sets

Name Year
6-Blaster Bundle Contents.jpg 6-Blaster Bundle 2020


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