Micro Shots is a sub-series of Nerf products that was released in spring of 2018[2].


The Micro Shots sub-series consists of Jolt EX-1 reshells that are designed as a "micro", single-shot version of popular blasters. It is shared by the N-Strike Elite, Zombie Strike, and Doomlands 2169 series. It has also been branded into the Hasbro Star Wars, Marvel, Overwatch, and Fortnite products as well.


The Micro Shots series was originally leaked in summer of 2017; Star Wars blasters were the first to be leaked. The series was then officially announced in summer of 2017 at Hascon.

Micro Shots products


Name Year
Crossfiremicro Crossfire Bow 2018
81UHuJzl2jL. SL1500 Firestrike 2018
81B5uvScYQL. SL1500 Hammershot 2018
81dk82wJ0yL. SL1500 Rough Cut 2x4 2018
81AxRZrasVL. SL1500 Strongarm 2018
Stryfemicro Stryfe 2018
Nerf Fortnite Microshots Llama 1 Micro Llama 2019
Nerf Fortnite Microshots RL 2 Micro RL 2019
Nerf Fortnite Microshots TS 2 Micro TS 2019
Unknown Crosscut ?
Unknown FlipFury ?
HanSoloMicroShots Han Solo Blaster ?
Unknown Persuader ?
Unknown Rey Blaster ?
Unknown Stormtrooper Blaster ?


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