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The Micro Peely is a Nerf blaster that was released in spring of 2020 to promote the video game Fortnite.

It comes packaged with two Fortnite Darts.


The Micro Peely is essentially a re-shell of the N-Strike Jolt EX-1, and is modeled to look like the Peely character from the game.

Official description


The Micro Peely was first leaked in early 2020 through imageless listings. Later, Nerf posted a teaser of the Micro Peely on their Instagram. It was officially announced at the 2020 New York Toy Fair.


  • The blaster's name, appearance, and description, seem to imply that it was intended to be a Micro Shots blaster. However, it has never been formally listed under the Micro Shots sub-series, nor does its packaging have the Micro Shots logo.
  • The teaser image that Nerf has posted on their Instagram is a parody of artist Maurizio Cattelan's satirical art piece of a banana duct taped to a wall.


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