For the modern version of the Micro Dart, see Micro Dart (N-Strike).

A Micro Dart is a type of Nerf dart that was released in 1993.


The Micro Dart was one of the most common Nerf dart types during the years of its popularity. A basic Micro Dart features a suction cup head that will stick to most smooth surfaces, even when fired at long range. They are made out of foam similar to Mega Dart foam, and so are a bit more delicate than modern darts. Some versions have a smaller suction cup that is smaller in diameter than the body of the foam.


Micro Darts were first introduced in 1993 with the Rip Rockets series; because of this, they were originally called "Rip Rockets". It acted as a successor to the then-popular Mega Dart and went on to outlive it. The popularity of the Micro Dart saw it as the most common dart type for many years.

It was succeeded by the N-Strike Micro Dart in 2003.

Color schemes

The Micro Dart has been released with the following color schemes:


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