Not to be confused with Nerf Micro Darts.

Micro Dart (commonly called a Suction Dart or Foam Dart) is the unofficial name for a type of Buzz Bee dart.


The Micro Dart is a rather small dart and is used in many Buzz Bee blasters. The dart earns its nickname due to its similarities in size with a Nerf Micro Dart, although the two are slightly different in length and construction. A basic Micro Dart features a suction cup head that will stick to most smooth surfaces, even when fired at long range.

The Micro Dart served as the basis for other dart types, such as the Extreme Dart and the Sticky Dart.


They were first introduced in 2003. The original variant differed from today's version of the dart. The older version of the dart, which was used up until the release of the 2008 Air Blasters line, featured a plastic ring and dense foam under the dart head. It is unknown what this ring of plastic did to the dart's performance or why it was removed. The dense foam under the dart head of the original was made to prevent the dart head from coming apart from the main foam body, unlike a Nerf Micro Dart.[1]

The Micro Dart has also been used in some Air Zone blasters under a gray and blue color scheme.

In 2014, a unique variation of the Micro Dart appeared, titled the Splash Dart, which could fill with water to soak an enemy if struck with the dart.

Flat-tipped variation

In 2014, photos began appearing of regular Micro Darts with no suction cup on their tips. These were first spotted on the German online website The flat-tipped variation is said to offer an increase in performance and bears a strong resemblance to the X-Shot Excel Dart.

It is unknown if this variation of dart had an international release.

Color schemes

The Micro Dart has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Yellow and purple
  • Green and purple
  • International (green and orange)
  • Air Zone (gray and blue)

Refill sizes

Micro Darts refill packs can be purchased in the following sizes:

Size Price
BuzzBeeDarts8 8
(comes with six shells)
BuzzBee16DartsNew 16 ?
16 foam darts refill bag 16 ?
BuzzBee24Darts 24 ?
BuzzBee24DartsAmmoCaseNew 24
(comes with an Ammo Case)
BuzzBee51DartsNew 51 ?
100 foam darts refill bucket 100
(comes in a storage bucket with target)
BuzzBeeDarts102 102 ?


  • Buzz Bee Micro Darts have never been given an official, non-generic name.



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