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The Meteor RXB-0060 is an X-Shot blaster that was released in fall of 2019 under the X-Shot Chaos series.

It comes packaged with twelve Chaos Rounds.


The Meteor is a single-fire slide action blaster. It features an integrated magazine that holds up to six rounds at a time. This loads through the bottom of the blaster. A blaster lock is located above the firing trigger, which locks the blaster when not in use. It also has a set of iron sights atop the blaster.

It advertises a firing velocity of up to one hundred feet per second (thirty meters per second).

Official description


The Meteor will be re-released in 2022 as the X-Shot FaZe Respawn.

Color schemes

The Meteor has been released in the following color schemes:


  • Strangely, the stickers on the Meteor RXB-0060 itself refer to it as the Meteor RDB-1000.
  • A red colored version was planned for production but it was scrapped.[citation needed]


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