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A Message Dart is a type of Nerf dart and ammunition that was released in fall of 2014 under the Secrets & Spies sub-series.

Refill packs of the Message Dart come packaged with a message decoder and a special pen.


Message Darts are essentially recolored Elite Darts with a light blue dart head. Due to this, all blasters compatible with Elite Darts are compatible with Secret Message Darts.

Bodies of the Message Dart are white and red. As their name suggests, a "secret message" can be written on the dart using the special pen packaged with the darts or accompanied blaster. This secret message can then be read by putting the dart in a message decoder.

Official description

Refill sizes

Message Dart refill packs come in the following sizes:

Size Price
SecretMessageDart8.jpg 8 7.99 USD

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