Not to be confused with traditional missiles or the newer Mega Missile.

The Mega Missile, sometimes known as a Rocket Dart, is a type of Nerf missile and ammunition. They come packaged with the Titan AS-V.1 and the Unity Power System.


Mega Missiles are large, black and orange missiles that have a foam tip that can be easily compressed. The fins give it spin in the air and improves accuracy. They have been known to cause pain if fired at short ranges.

They are only compatible with the Titan AS-V.1. It is unknown if Nerf will create another blaster that features use of the Mega Missile. No refill packages were ever produced; it was previously available online for purchase directly from Hasbro, but this service has been discontinued.


Mega Missiles were the first new ammunition type in the N-Strike series. It was later re-released along with its patron blaster under the Action Blasters series.

After being re-released, it was never used in another blaster, and is therefore exclusive to the Titan AS-V.1. The spiritual successor to the Mega Missile is the Elite Missile, which features a similar color scheme and purpose (as an ammunition launched out of a blaster with high pressure).


  • The Mega Missile somewhat resembles an oversized Sonic Micro Dart with fins and a gray ring under the head.
  • It is the largest ammunition type made by Nerf.
  • It is similar to the Mattel Ballista Missile.
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