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This article features a Koosh-related subject.This article features a Nerf-related subject.

The Mega Howler is a Koosh product that was released under the Koosh Vortex series.


The Mega Howler is a football with a tail that has three fins on it, to help with aerodynamics when thrown. A unique features of it it is that it "howls" through the air, similar to that of a Nerf Whistler Dart.

Official description


Alongside a number of other Koosh Vortex products, the Vortex Mega Howler would go on to be re-branded as a Nerf product, under their Nerf Sports series.

It was renamed in 2011 as the Mega Aero Howler, possibly due to the release of the new Vortex series, to avoid any confusion with the two. It would later be renamed to Vortex Aero Howler.

A limited edition Turkey Vortex Dinner variant was released in November of 2020, to coincide with Thanksgiving of that year.

Color schemes

The Mega Howler has been released in the following color schemes:

  • Green
  • Orange
  • Orange, black, and green
  • Blue, silver, and black
  • Green Bay Packers (green/yellow)
  • New England Patriots (dark blue/red)
  • Dallas Cowboys (blue/silver)
  • Indianapolis Colts (blue/white)
  • New York Giants (blue/red)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (black/yellow)
  • Turkey Vortex Dinner (orange/silver)


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