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Mega Blitz is a series of Nerf blasters that was released in 1998.


Unlike some previous series, the Mega Blitz does not have a clear theme with its blasters, as they do not share a large amount in common. The blasters do, for the most part, have rather high rates of fire, which could also be a reference to word "Blitz" in the title.


Mega Blitz began and ended within the same year. It is generally believed to be the sister line to Hyper Sight, another 1998-exclusive series.

The series would have had a second wave of products[citation needed], sometime around 1999 or 2000, with the proposed release of the Gatlin' Storm blaster. Unfortunately, the AirJet Power series was becoming quite popular at the time and overshadowed the Mega Blitz and Hyper Sight lines. Because of this, the second wave of Mega Blitz blasters, along with the Gatlin' Storm, were cancelled.

Mega Blitz products


Name Year
Nitroquad.jpg NitroQuad 1998
Pulsator sm.gif Pulsator 1998
RipChord.jpg RipChord 1998
Rototrack.jpg RotoTrack 1998
TripleTorch.JPG Triple Torch 1998
Gatlin' Storm.jpg Gatlin' Storm Cancelled


  • "Blitz" roughly translates from German, means "lightning" or "flash", which matches the high firing speed of Mega Blitz blasters.