Max Force 2112 is a series of Nerf blasters that was released in 1997.


Much like its predecessor series, the 2112 series also has an animal theme and many blasters on this line resembled animals. This line's blasters were all given triggers and were more accurate than most Max Force blasters.


This was a continuation of the Max Force series. The series lasted a year before it was discontinued at the end of 1997.

Max Force 2112 products


Name Year
ImageCoralViper Coral Viper 1997
Electriceel box Electric Eel 1997
LaserFangBox Laser Fang 1997
Madhornet Mad Hornet 1997
Razorfin Razor Fin 1997
VenomShot Venom Shot 1997
Whiptailscorpion Whiptail Scorpion 1997


  • The Mad Hornet and Whiptail Scorpion were initially released under the Max Force theme. They were moved over to the 2112 lineup when Max Force was discontinued.


Official videos

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