The Max-D 4000 is a Hasbro Super Soaker that was released in 2002 under the Max-D series.


The Max-D 4000 is the largest "pistol" soaker in the Max-D line. As the blaster is very similar to the Max-D 3000, it has a very similar layout and shares roughly the same design. The reservoir of the soaker is translucent to allow the player to see how filled the soaker is, although the player cannot actually see through the reservoir itself.

Like the Max-D 2000 and 3000, it features a downward-aiming reservoir. Its pump is not tracked and can be rotated 360 degrees in either direction. The cap of the soaker is tethered in place to prevent it from being lost. Alongside the remainder of the Max-D soakers, it features the new trigger design, with a notable effect of this being the loud click heard after the trigger is pulled.


It was originally released in 2002, although it was re-released the following year in updated color schemes and packaging. The soaker did not make the jump to 2004's SoakerTag lineup, indicating the soaker was discontinued. Oddly, the Max-D 4000 is the only Max-D soaker to not have been released in any of the 2004 SoakerTag, 2005 SoakerTag Elite, 2006 Max Infusion, 2008 unnamed series or 2010 Soaker Wars series.

The blaster had a short lifespan and was assumed to be dropped from shelves following the release of the 2004 SoakerTag line.

Color schemes

The Max-D 4000 has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Red and yellow
  • Silver and teal
  • Teal and white
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