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Max-D is a series of Larami Super Soakers that began in 2002.


Max-D, as its name may suggest, was designed as an expansion on the previous XP line, featuring improved ranges and durability of older soakers. Among the new mechanics was the addition of a new trigger system, which caused the triggers in this line to have very loud, clicking noises.

These trigger systems were not received within the Super Soaker community, as people soon discovered how the triggers were prone to breaking.[1] The trigger system continued to be used on a few future lines after the Max-D line was dropped.[2]


This line of Super Soakers was launched in 2002 to replace the XP line. Upon release of the line, Larami claimed that Max-D blasters were capable of out-ranging existing XP Super Soakers by nearly ten feet.

Due to the popularity of the line, several of the blasters are still sold today; the majority of the blasters within the series were continued on to later series, most notably the Max-D 3000 and Max-D 6000, both of which are still sold in the current Nerf Super Soaker series.


Super Soakers

Name Year
MaxD2000Original.JPG Max-D 2000 2002
MaxD3000Original.JPG Max-D 3000 2002
MaxD4000Original.png Max-D 4000 2002
MaxD5000Original.png Max-D 5000 2002
MaxD6000Original.png Max-D 6000 2002
MaxDSecretStrikeBox2003.JPG Max-D Secret Strike 2003


  • Max-D is an abbreviation for "Maximum Distance".


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