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The Whiteout Maverick REV-6 is an orange, white, and black variant of the Maverick REV-6 that was released in 2011 under the Whiteout Series.

It comes packaged with six Micro Darts.

In the United States, the Whiteout Maverick is exclusive to Walmart.


The Whiteout Maverick is usually preferred by Nerfers over the normal Maverick because of its color scheme. Parts of this blaster will often be mixed with the original's because of the fact that the plastic that it is made of is believed to be stronger.


The Whiteout Series Maverick is notable for being the first blaster to be leaked from the sub-series. Blogger Urban Taggers managed to obtain one on January 5, 2011 before anything about the series was known.[1] This incident, alongside several others, prompted Hasbro to pursue the owner of the blog legally the following year.


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