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Not to be confused with the Buzz Bee blaster of the same name.

The Master Blaster is a Nerf ball blaster that was released in 1992 under the Original Nerf name.

It comes packaged with eight Ballistic Balls


The Master Blaster is a pump-action ball blaster that features two barrels that each hold up to four balls at once. It alternates which barrel it fires from as it is pumped. There is a handle located beside the top barrel.


The blaster was not originally a Nerf product, having first released in 1991 under the "Gotcha" brand as the Super Blaster in Europe.[citation needed] This version was the same color and was overall the exact same blaster in design and functionality as its more well-known Nerf counterpart. This variation was sold until at least 1993.

Under the Nerf brand as the Master Blaster, it was only sold on the market for a limited amount of time. For reasons unknown, it was quickly pulled from store shelves.

It was succeeded by the 1994 Nerf Action Ballzooka.


  • The Master Blaster commercial says that the blaster is eight times more power, ammo, and trouble. This may be a reference to the Blast-a-Ball, which only fired one ball as compared to the Master Blaster's eight ball capacity.
  • Master Blasters often won't fire from the lower barrel, and might not at all with one shot loaded in the upper barrel and one in the lower one.[citation needed]
    • The blaster may also occasionally fire from both barrels at once.
  • The Japanese version's ball holder is green, not yellow.[citation needed]
  • At the time of its release, it had the highest capacity of any Nerf blaster ever.


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