Marvel is a Hasbro-owned brand of action figures, play sets, and role-playing toys. It has been used in conjunction with the Nerf and Super Soaker brands to produce a number of cross-promotional products.


The Marvel-Nerf brand has produced dart blasters, water blasters, foam melee weapons, including swords, hammers, and more. A number of releases are coincided with the Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

Some products have been released under existing Nerf series, such as Dart Tag and RIVAL.


In the early 80s, Hasbro and Marvel Comics teamed up to create storylines and advertisements for their G.I. Joe and Transformers brands. Hasbro would not actually begin producing Marvel products until 2006, when they acquired the rights to do so.[1]

The first Marvel-Nerf product released was the 2007 Spider-Man vs. Venom Dart Tag Complete 2 Player Set.

Marvel-branded products



Name Year Promoted material
Hulk Abomination Hulk Abomination Blaster 2008 The Incredible Hulk
StarkIndustries Magstrike Stark Industries N.R.F. 425 Blaster (Magstrike) 2008 Iron Man
MedscaleIronMan425Blaster Stark Industries N.R.F. 425 Blaster (Firefly) 2008 Iron Man
Hasbro ironman2nerfironstrikeblaster Iron Strike Blaster 2010 Iron Man 2
DiscLaunchingShield Disc Launching Shield 2011 Captain America: The First Avenger
Hawkeyebbb Avengers' Hawkeye Bow 2012 The Avengers
FlipAndFireGauntlet Flip & Fire Gauntlet 2013 Iron Man 3
HawkeyeLongshotBow Hawkeye Longshot Bow 2013 Avengers Assemble
IronFlyers Iron Flyers 2013 Avengers Assemble
Ironmangauntlet Motorized Arc FX Gauntlet 2013 Iron Man 3
MotorizedSpiderForceWebBlaster Motorized Spider Force Web Blaster 2013 The Amazing Spider-Man 2
PowerWebsSpiderStrikeCrossbow Power Webs Spider Strike Crossbow 2013 Ultimate Spider-Man
StealthfireShield Stealthfire Shield 2013 Captain America: The Winter Soldier
BoloWebAttackGauntlet Web Slinger 2013 The Amazing Spider-Man 2
RocketPowerBlaster Rocket Power Blaster 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy
StarLordQuadBlaster Star-Lord Quad Blaster 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy
BlasterRevealShield Blaster Reveal Shield 2016 Captain America: Civil War
SideBlastArmor Slide Blast Armor 2016 Captain America: Civil War
100px Stark Strike 2016 Captain America: Civil War
WarMachineBattleGauntlet War Machine Battle Gauntlet 2016 Captain America: Civil War
Rapid Reload Blaster Rapid Reload Blaster 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming
SpiderRacer Spider Racer 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming
Nerf-Rival-Deadpool-Kronos-XVII-500-Blaster-2 Kronos XVIII-500 2017 Deadpool (Marvel Comics)
Apollo Deadpool Apollo XV-700 2018 Deadpool (Marvel Comics)
MARVEL-BLACK-PANTHER-NERF-VIBRANIUM-STRIKE-GAUNTLET-oop-1 Vibranium Strike Gauntlet 2018 Black Panther
IronManRepulsorBlaster Iron Man Repulsor Blaster 2019 Avengers: Endgame
Chimichanga Kronos XVIII-500 2019 Deadpool (Marvel Comics)


Name Year Promoted material
Spidermannerfvenom Spider-Man vs. Venom Dart Tag Complete 2 Player Set 2007 Spider-Man 3
Thorhammer Armor of Asgard Thor Hammer 2011 Thor
ThorSword Armor of Asgard Thor Sword 2011 Thor
WolverineClaw Wolverine Claw 2013 X-Men (Marvel Comics)
StarLordBattleGear Star-Lord Battle Gear 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy
ThorBattleHammer Thor Battle Hammer 2014 Thor: The Dark World
Thor The Dark World Lightning Strike Hammer Thor Lightning Strike Hammer 2014 Thor: The Dark World
CaptainAmericaCombatGear Captain America Combat Gear 2016 Captain America: Civil War
AntManMaskBlaster Ant-Man Mask & Blaster 2019 Avengers: Endgame
SPIDER-MAN-MAXIMUM-VENOM-VENOMIZED-IRON-MAN-SET-in-pck Venomized Iron Man Set 2020 Marvel's Spider-Man

Super Soaker

Super Soakers

Name Year Promoted material
Ironmansupersoaker Iron Man 2 Water Blaster 2010 Iron Man 2


Name Year Promoted material
MarvelHeroesPack soakers Marvel Heroes Pack 2010 Marvel Comics

Series and sub-series

Assembler Gear

Main article: Assembler Gear

The Assembler Gear series consists of blasters that have detachable, interchangeable parts. Blasters can be assembled into various pre-determined modes, with their included accessories, or combined with other Assembler Gear parts (or Nerf accessories) to create an entirely custom blaster.

Micro Shots

Main article: Micro Shots

A sub-series that includes various Nerf series and other toy brands, Micro Shots blasters are re-shelled Jolt EX-1s that are modeled after other blasters; the Marvel Micro Shots blasters, instead, resemble the super hero they are themed to.

Web Shots

Main article: Web Shots

The Web Shots series is meant to promote the film Spider-Man: Far From Home. It consists of various Spider-Man themed weapons.


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