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The Marauder Long Sword is a Nerf melee weapon that was released under the N-Force series in 2010.


The Marauder Long Sword is a three-foot long foam sword with a blade guard and a comfortable grip. The blade is significantly heavier than the hilt, which can make it difficult to wield with one hand.

Compared to that of the Shadow and Thunder Fury Short Swords, the Vantage Sword has a clear advantage in battle. Its large size allows the user to stay out of reach and possibly knock opponents' weapons out of their hands.

It can be stored in the Tactical Vest.

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Color schemes[]

The Marauder Long Sword has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Red and black
  • Black and yellow


  • The Marauder Long Sword is the second longest N-Force weapon; the first is the combined form of the Vendetta Double Sword.
  • Due to the fact that the Marauder has a heavy blade, users are advised to take caution when using it. The inertia created by the speed of a swing, coupled with the weight of the sword's blade, can cause injury to the head or face and has the possibility of breaking eyewear.
  • A "marauder" is one who moves about in roving fashion with the intention of looting others.


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