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The Magnum, or the Magnum Superdrum Dart Blaster, is a Dart Zone blaster that was released in 2016.

It comes packaged with a Superdrum, forty Super Darts, and instructions.


The Magnum features a forty dart drum and an integrated, collapsible arm rest that can also function as a shoulder stock. The drum auto-advances on the prime. It has the ability to be fired rapidly a la Nerf-style slam fire. The Magnum does not feature the use of conventional air restrictors.[1]

The drum itself is not designed to be removed on the fly for quick reloading. Despite this, it can be removed one of two ways, depending on the model of the blaster.[2] The first model's is removed by pushing in a tab located on the inside of the drum pin, just behind the drum itself. The second model's moved its lock to under the firing trigger, which can be physically pushed out by inserting something like a screwdriver or Allen wrench into the hole. Strangely, the drum is still available for separate purchase, most likely as a replacement part.

The Magnum is also compatible with Nerf Elite Darts and similar ammunition.

It advertises a firing range of up to eighty feet (24.3 meters).

Official description


After its initial release, Prime Time Toys released a second model of the Magnum, with a proper drum-release button located under the firing trigger.

The Magnum was also given a re-release under the Stats Blast brand as the Drumroll.


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