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A Nerf model loading a magazine into the Apollo XV-700.

For Vortex XLR Disc holders, see Magazine (Vortex).

A magazine is a High-Impact Round holding device used with Nerf RIVAL blasters.

Magazines come packaged with RIVAL blasters; the twelve round magazine can be purchased through a refill pack.


Magazines are compatible with High-Impact Rounds. They are loaded from the top, through an orange opening. Similar to many airsoft magazines, on the top next to the opening is a spring-loaded tab that holds the rounds in place. When the tab is pressed, the rounds inside the magazine have enough clearance to exit the magazine, and the force of the spring-loaded follower ejects all the rounds out. The tab is pressed when the magazine is loaded into a blaster to allow rounds to be fed. As a result, removing a loaded magazine may cause an additional round to fall loose.


Magazines were first introduced in 2015 with RIVAL's release. The seven round magazine and twelve round magazine were released with the Apollo XV-700, and the Zeus MXV-1200, respectively.

The first RIVAL drum magazine, the thirty round drum, would have been released in 2019, alongside the Edge Series Helios XVIII-700. However, it was cancelled during production.

Magazine variations


Name Year
Sevenroundmagazine.jpg Seven round magazine 2015
Twelveroundmag.jpg Twelve round magazine 2015

Other magazines

These magazines are only compatible with the blaster they were originally packaged with.

Name Year Patron blaster
40roundmagazine placeholder.jpg Forty round magazine 2016 Khaos MXVI-4000


  • Mega Darts can fit and be loaded into RIVAL magazines. However, they can only fire from a Zeus MXV-1200 that has been modified to be fully automatic. This only works as the Zeus' magazine well runs horizontally and directly feeds the rounds into the flywheel cage.[1]

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