The Longshot scope is a Nerf scope accessory that was released in 2006 under the N-Strike series.

It comes packaged with the Longshot CS-6 and the Longshot CS-12. It was also released as part of a Recon CS-6 value pack. It cannot be purchased separately.


This accessory attaches via the tactical rail and despite being a scope, it does not feature any sort of magnification. It instead provides the user with a black crosshair sight printed on a piece of clear plastic.


The Original variant of the Longshot scope was released in a Recon CS-6 value pack, although it was instead packaged as the Sharpshot scope. As the scope itself does not have a name, this could be the true name of the scope.

It was released in a new color scheme with the 2009 Red Strike Longshot CS-6.

It was released again in an new color scheme with the 2014 Zombie Strike Z.E.D. Squad Longshot CS-12.

It was released yet again in a new color scheme with the 2015 Elite Repaint Longshot CS-6

Color schemes

The Longshot scope has been released with the following color schemes:


  • This is the largest scope produced by Nerf.
  • The tactical scope is very similar to the Longshot scope, although it features a tactical rail on the top of it, which the Longshot scope lacks.