The Red Strike Longshot CS-6 is a re-released Longshot CS-6 that was released on 2009 under the Red Strike series.

It was sold only during Black Friday of 2009 and was exclusive to Walmart.

It comes packaged with a red scope and Longshot front blaster, one six dart clip, and six Streamline Darts.


Due to its rarity, it is a highly desired blaster for hardcore collectors. Not many are found today and some people will often modify theirs to look like it is a Red Strike variant when it is not.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Longshot, pull the bolt back and press the clip release button on the right side of the blaster to remove any loaded clips. Load up to six Streamline Darts into the provided six dart clip and pull the bolt back. Press the clip release button and load the clip into the blaster.

Pull the bolt back to the starting position to prime it. Pull the trigger to fire the blaster.