Not to be confused with the Ultra Tek Long Distance Dart.

A Long Distance Dart is a type of Buzz Bee dart that was released in 2016.


The Long Distance Dart is one of the current types of darts for Air Warriors blasters, alongside the Precise Pro Dart and the Suction Dart. This dart has also been released with Adventure Force re-releases of Buzz Bee blasters, mainly clip system blasters. Their name indicates that they are a direct successor to the older Long Distance Dart from the Ultra-Tek sub-series. Unlike the older Long Distance Dart, they have a streamlined head instead of suction cup heads. The darts are compatible with Buzz Bee and Nerf clips.

When compared to other darts with streamlined heads such as Elite Darts, the Long Distance Dart has slightly more pointed tips.

Color schemes

The Long Distance Dart has been released in the following color schemes:

Refill sizes

Long Distance Dart refill packs come in the following sizes:

Size Price
50 ldd aw 50 ?
100 long dist 2 100 ?


  • Some product descriptions claim that the Long Distance Dart has suction heads, although they only have streamlined heads. This error could have been made because of a confusion between the newer and older Long Distance Darts.


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