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Not to be confused with the Longshot CS-6 or the N-Strike Modulus blaster of a similar name.

The LongStrike CS-6 is a clip system blaster that was released in 2010 in the N-Strike series.

It comes packaged with a barrel extension, flip-up sight, a six dart clip, six Streamline Darts, and instructions.


The LongStrike CS-6 is a bolt-action clip-fed blaster. It features a shoulder stock which must be attached to the blaster upon use; this is not meant to be removed after its initial attachment. Two extra clips can be stored in this stuck.

It has four tactical rails: two in tandem on top of the blaster, then one above and underneath the included barrel extension accessory. A jam door is located in-between the two top rails, providing an access point for clearing dart jams.

It advertises a firing range of up to thirty-five feet (10.6 meters).


The LongStrike reportedly has lower ranges than other N-Strike blasters, due to it having reverse plunger internals. Range can be affected, depending on if an older version of the barrel extension is attached on. Firing range and accuracy can be somewhat increased by loading individual darts into the barrel, through the jam door or clip well, rather than using the clip system, but this method is rather unwieldy in Nerf wars.[citation needed]

Another problem with this blaster is that there is a small delay between each shot. The blaster locks for about a half second after each time the user fires it, which may make it harder to prime it again.

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The LongStrike first appeared as a weapon in the video game Nerf N-Strike Elite a year before its release.

It was re-released twice in 2011, for the Sonic Series and Whiteout Series.

It was spiritually succeeded by the 2013 N-Strike Mega Centurion, and again in 2017 by the AccuStrike Series RaptorStrike.

In 2018, the LongStrike received a proper successor with the N-Strike Modulus LongStrike. While having a very similar shell as the original blaster, the Modulus LongStrike has upgraded internals to meet the standards of modern blasters.

Color schemes

The LongStrike has been released with the following color schemes:


The LongStrike CS-6 features a reverse plunger system. Standard modifications to help increase firing power include air restrictor removal and spring replacement. The LongStrike has some of the thickest air restrictors on any reverse plunger system blaster, making its ranges completely inefficient for long distance.[citation needed]

While the shoulder stock is not normally detachable from the blaster without opening it up, modifications can allow it to be removed as needed. Sanding down the contact points of the shoulder stock will allow it to be removed with a decent amount of physical force. The inserts inside the blaster's grip, where the shoulder stock connects, can also be modified to allow the stock to be removed.

The blaster's clip and jam door locks can be removed for ease of access.

Orange Mod Works has released three mod kits for the LongStrike: a Stage One kit with a stronger spring, and a "starter" Massacre kit with polycarbonate replacement parts. The Immortal Kit notably provides a direct plunger conversion for the blaster; this also includes other replacement parts, such as a stronger spring and a metal trigger.


  • The LongStrike CS-6 is known as the Sniper Shot CS-6 in Japan.
  • The Swarmfire features a similar shoulder stock that, unlike the LongStrike's, can be removed.
  • On the Canadian box art, there are at least four noticeable errors: the model's left index finger is partially cut off; there are two Nerf logos on the the six dart clip, one slightly lower and overlapping the first; there is second bolt handle covering the first, making the bolt appear to be longer; and on the back of the box, there is a blue piece of plastic that resembles the connector piece of the barrel extension if the barrel extension is disassembled.
  • On some models of the blasters, the name near the tactical rail is spelled as "Long Strike", rather than "LongStrike".


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