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This article features a Buzz Bee-related subject.

This is a list of series released under the Buzz Bee brand. Many of these series are discontinued and products under these series cannot be found on retail shelves.

Color key

Upcoming availability Available in stores Discontinued series Unknown availability

List of Buzz Bee series

Name Theme Years active
AirBlastersLogo.jpg Ruff Stuff Air Blasters N/A 2003 - 2007
(continues overseas)
AirBlasterslogo.gif Air Blasters N/A 2008 - 2011
(continues overseas)
AirWarriorslogo 2.png Air Warriors N/A 2011 - present
BuzzBeeWingzLogo.png Wingz Female-oriented blasters 2014

List of Buzz Bee sub-series

Name Theme Years active
AirWarriorsEXTREMElogo.png Air Warriors EXTREME N/A 2012 - 2014
AirWarriorsFlyingToysLogo.jpg Air Warriors Flying Toys Plane products 2014
AirMax logo.png Air Max Mega-sized dart blasters 2015
UltraTek logo.png Ultra-Tek N/A 2015 - 2016
Ultimate Blasters Interlocking Air Warriors blasters 2010 - 2012