The Lightnin' Blitz, known as the Hailstorm in Europe, is a Nerf blaster that was released in 1998 under the AirJet Power series.

It comes packaged with five Micro Darts.


The Lightnin' Blitz is air-powered, much like other AirJet Power blasters. It fires five Micro Darts at once; it does not feature a single-fire firing mode. There are four dart holders around the side of the blaster; an extra one is located in the center of the cluster of barrels.

It features many different patterns on the shell, among them being wire patterns. The AirJet Power logo can be seen on the spherical area nearby the firing trigger. The internals of the blaster are very similar to those featured in the Secret Shot II.


The Lightnin' Blitz was the first to use the new, farther-flying Micro Darts, which had a slightly different dart head.[citation needed]

Notably, the Lightnin' Blitz adopted new names in some European countries, most likely due to the negative connotation of the word "blitz", the most well-known European name being Hailstorm.[1]

While it is unknown exactly when the Lightnin' Blitz was discontinued, according to older Nerf websites, the blaster was sold until at least 2001.

A photo of the Lightnin' Blitz in black exists on the internet although the background of this particular variant of the blaster is unknown; it has never surfaced in a physical state.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Lightnin' Blitz, place up to five darts into each barrel; another five darts can be stored on the blaster via dart holders. Pump the blaster up to twelve times to fully prime it.[2]

Pull the trigger to fire five darts.


  • This was the first blaster to fire five darts at once.
  • This was the second air-based blaster to fire Micro Darts.


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