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Lazer Tag is a line of Nerf laser tag blasters, called "taggers" by the advertisements and packaging.


Lazer Tag products fire an invisible laser that other compatible taggers pick up and "take damage" from.


Lazer Tag was previously owned by Tiger Electronics. After the original release of the Deluxe Tagger, the brand gained success and Tiger released additional taggers and accessories to go along with it; a new name went along with the new products: Lazer Tag Team Ops.

After the release of the IRT-2X Drone and the Tag Master Blaster, the brand was purchased in 2006 by Hasbro, who, by 2008, decided to discontinue all taggers and accessories, with the exception of the newly-released Phoenix LTX Tagger. The name was also changed back to Lazer Tag sometime around then.

At the 2012 Toy Fair, Hasbro announced a new series of Lazer Tag taggers separate from the Nerf brand. Called "Lazer Tag Augmented Reality", the new products would be compatible with smartphones to present single-player games with, as the name would suggest, augmented reality technology. This series ultimately replaced the Nerf Lazer Tag series. The Phoenix LTX Tagger was the only tagger to be released under the Nerf brand.

Lazer Tag products


Name Year
Phoenix-ltx-blue.jpg Phoenix LTX Tagger 2008


  • "Lazer" is a common misspelling of "laser".