For the app of the same name, see Laser Ops Pro (app).

Laser Ops or Laser Ops Pro is an series of Nerf laser tag blasters that was released in fall of 2018.


Laser Ops is the successor to the previous Nerf series, Lazer Tag. Unlike its predecessor, Laser Ops re-introduces hosted games previously on Lazer Tag Team Ops through Bluetooth by means of an app downloaded and ran on mobile devices, similarly to previous Hasbro Lazer Tag products (not released under the Nerf brand). The system is not backwards compatible with previous Nerf taggers, such as the Phoenix LTX tagger.

Laser Ops products

Laser blasters

Name Year
072FB88563DF492DBF0C0878739386D4 DeltaBurst 2018
AlphaPoint2Pack AlphaPoint 2018


Name Year
AlphaPoint2Pack box AlphaPoint 2-Pack 2018