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Larami is a toy company that began in 1947. They were the original owners of the Super Soaker brand.


While Larami was best known for their Super Soaker brand of water blasters, they also produced a number of toy series based on popular movies and television series, including Battlestar Galactica, Hawaii Five-0, Knight Rider, and Star Trek: The Motion Picture.


Inventor of the Super Soaker, Lonnie Johnson, sold the rights to the Power Drencher in 1989. It would go on to inspire an entire brand of soakers.

In 1994, Larami would begin producing their own series of dart blasters, SuperMAXX (and SuperMAXX Xtreme). The following year, Hasbro would purchase out Larami, to acquire the new-successful Super Soaker brand. As such, a number of SuperMAXX blasters would be re-released into Nerf's own SuperMAXX series. Larami would also help produce other Nerf blasters, including the Power Nerf series, and most blasters released between 1999 and 2001.

A number of ex-Larami executives would go on to form Buzz Bee Toys in 2000[citation needed], starting production on a number of products, including dart and water blasters.

Despite SuperMAXX being folded into Nerf, the Super Soaker brand would continue to be produced by Larami, up until 2002, when Hasbro would close Larami and take over production for their products. The last Super Soaker series to feature new soakers from Larami was CPS.