Not to be confused with the 2011 Nerf Vortex series.

Koosh Vortex is a discontinued series of Koosh ring shooters that was released in 1998.


Koosh Vortex blasters were designed to have high ranges with the majority of them shooting over sixty feet due to the unique aerodynamic shape of the line's distinctive Spin Fire Ring and Mini Spin Fire Ring ammunition. Nearly all blasters featured some sort of catch mechanism with the exception of the Viper Shot.


It would be the first and last time that a Koosh line would market blasters until the release of the Koosh Galaxy line.

The line was officially discontinued in September of 2000.[1]



Name Year
KooshVortexFastFire FastFire 1998
Tornado Tornado 1998
KooshVortexTornadoX2 Tornado X/2 1998
Spinsight Spin Sight 1998
KooshVortexViperShot Viper Shot 1999
100 8456 FireStorm 1999
KooshVortexPowerStrike Power Strike 1999


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