Koosh is a brand of ball-related products that was originally created and released in 1986 by OddzOn.

Like Nerf, its current sister brand, it originally was created to sell a specific ball-like product (the Koosh ball). The line expanded to include other items such as the original form of the Mega Aero Howler Football, then known as the Vortex Football. In 1998 the brand launched the Vortex line of ring shooting blasters which is now discontinued. After 1999, the line was considered abandoned. The producer of Koosh products, OddzOn, began working on Nerf blasters, doing among other products the Switch Shots series and the Ballzooka MP150 before being closed by Hasbro in 2001.

In 2012, the brand was revived and expanded by Hasbro to include a series of ball blasters under the name Koosh Galaxy, a replacement to the Nerf Ball Blasters line, which had not been continued for several years.

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