K'Nex is a construction toy system invented by Joel Glickman.

The toy's building system consists of interlocking plastic rods, connectors, blocks, gears, wheels, and other components, which can be pieced together to form a wide variety of models, machines, architectural structures, and blasters.


The concept behind K'Nex was originally conceived by Joel Glickman while attending a wedding. There, he started thinking of what he could do with his straw if he could connect it to other straws. He and his brother Bob Glickman discussed the idea and started the K'Nex company. The original building system kept very closely to the idea that Joel Glickman had: basic rods and connectors which could be easily attached together to make various constructions. The first K'Nex Box was launched in the U.S. market in 1993

In 2015, K'Nex introduced K-Force, in an attempt to compete with Nerf, BOOMco., and other related brands.

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