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This article features a Jump Zone-related subject.

Jump Zone was a brand of Prime Time Toys outdoor toys and arrow and ball blasters that began in 2011.


Aside from arrow and ball blasters, the Jump Zone brand consisted of foam weaponry, such as swords and shields, and flying toys like parachute divers and helicopters.


All bows released under the Jump Zone brand were initially released under the Boss Bow brand.

The Jump Zone brand was released alongside the Dart Zone brand; when Jump Zone was discontinued, its dart blasters were absorbed into the Dart Zone brand.

Jump Zone products


Name Year
ArrowstormCB3.png Arrowstorm CB-3 2011
ArrowstormCrossbow.jpg Arrowstorm CB-4 2011
Airhawk Compound02.png Airhawk Compound Bow 2011
Unknown.jpg FalconFire Compound Bow 2011
FireballSureshot.jpg Fireball Sureshot 2011


Name Year
JumpZone Arrows.jpg Arrow Refill Pack 2011